Rock Band


#1 Michael Jackson: The Experience


Michael Jackson: The Experience is the first video game offers the magic and the excitement of Michael Jackson’s videos and music. The game focuses on Rhythm and Music elements and supports Single and Multiplayer modes created and published by Ubisoft. It features lots of Michael Jackson’s hits such as Billie Jean, Black or White, Bad, Beat It, Thriller, The Way you Make Me Feel, and more. The gameplay revolves around dance style element and features three different modes such as The Classic, Duo, and Crew. The player has to follow the Michael Jackson avatar in Classic mode, while second is used for duets. In the third mode, the game features two backup dancers and Michael and allows the player to select one of three characters to dance. After gaining enough experience, the player can unlock training mode in the Dance School where he can learn some unique dancing skills. The Dance Crew mode allows the player to dance and sing simultaneously with up to six of his fellows to create perfect dance experience. With awesome gameplay and brilliant mechanics, Michael Jackson: The Experience is the best music video game to enjoy.


#2 PaRappa the Rapper


PaRappa the Rapper is Music, Rhythm and Single-player video game released by Sony Computer Entertainment. The game is a mix of rap-based and unique visual design gameplay and is the first game in the series of PaRappa the Rapper. It is a Rhythm game, in which the main protagonist named as PaRappa, must clear the six exciting stages through his way by rapping. You can take on the role of the protagonist who is a tin rapping dog and trying to win the heart of his beloved girlfriend named as Sunny Funny. There is another dog named Joe Chin, who is a rich and attempts to win the heart of Sunny Funny. Joe Chin creates obstacles and hurdles on the protagonist’s way and tries to fend off them by winning the heart of Sunny Funny. Your ultimate task is to assists the protagonist through six stages, and try to level up your character by defeating enemies. With unique gameplay, attractive sounds, and the best mechanics, PaRappa the Rapper is the wonderful game to play and enjoy.

#3 DJMAX Portable 3


DJMAX Portable 3 revolves around Music, Single-player and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Pentavision for PlayStation platform. Serving as the sequel to DJMax Portable, DJMAX Portable 3 is the 7th main installment of the series for PSP. The game features much playable music, including Beautiful Girl, Become Myself, Break, Comic Fantastic Lovesong, and more. The game comes with the removal of autocorrect and green specialist note, and now, the button modes have renamed to XT. Remix System is a new mode involves using the analog stick and hitting the square, circle and triangle buttons. Two different notes are introduced in the game such as Turntable Notes and Sampler Notes. The game several modes and before starting it, the player needs to choose his mode, select the favorite song, and then start playing the game to make as many points as possible. DJMAX Portable 3 includes prominent features such as Multiple Modes, New Playable Songs, Leaderboard, New Notes, and more. Playing this game, you have an opportunity to learn and create music in a fun way.


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