Rock Band


Games Like Rock Band for Linux

#1 Audiosurf 2


Audiosurf 2 is a Rhythm, Puzzle, Single-player and Multiplayer Music video game developed by Dylan Fitterer for multiple platforms. The game offers an exciting gameplay and uses the library of the player to create a course the player requires to explore through. It serves as the sequel to Audiosurf and introduces the new mode, Wakeboarding that enables the player distort the features and songs two boats that tug the player and offers the chances to jump and pull of tricks. There are more than five-hundred player-created mods and skins available that the player can use while playing the game. In the game, the leaderboard enables the player to compare his score against his friends and rival players from all over the world. It comes with enhanced graphics, superb mechanics, and exciting gameplay. The player is capable of searching for music, including online music. In Mono Mode, the timing of the player on Puzzle Modes is now more important than ever. With core features, exciting graphics, and smooth controls, Audiosurf 2 is the wonderful game to play and enjoy.


#2 Symphony


Symphony, another Indie Rhythm and Puzzle game (packed with some cool Shoot em’ up elements) developed and published by Empty Clip Studios is an amazing video game. Being available on multiple platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, this game is played firing guns at other ships with patterns based on the analysis of the player selected music files. On every song’s completion, player gets cool upgrades and with every level cleared the game gets more engaging and difficult. This game looks more like a Shoot em’ Up type, but it is basically is a music creation game. Player gets points on every enemy defeated by producing music and by following the steps necessary to be in pace with the game. If a player fails to follow the pattern of the game, he loses his ship and the game ends. Symphony features superb 3D graphics and quite intriguing game-play along with a friendly user interface. Try it out, you’ll like it a lot.