Rock Band


Games Like Rock Band for Nintendo Switch

#1 Thumper


Thumper is Music, Rhythm and Single-player video game with an emphasis on Virtual Reality elements created and published by Drool. The game takes place in the stunning world and lets the player guide the space beetle along a track through a variety of fantastic worlds and struggle to fulfill the requirements of each objective. During the gameplay, the player needs to press the button to hit the notes on the track with the background music, while avoiding obstacles, jumping over spikes, turning challenging walls and defeating foes. The game is played from both the first-person perspective and a third-person view. There are numerous levels available, and each level is divided into several segments. After each segment, the player receives points and a rating display how well the player did. Thumper includes prominent features, smooth controls, and wonderful graphics, Thumper is the best game available to play on PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows only.


#2 Superbeat: XONiC


Superbeat: XONiC is a Music, Rhythm and Single-player video game developed by Nurijoy and published by Arc System Works. The game comes with addictive gameplay comprises of tapping notes to the beat of the song. There are multiple modes such as 4 Trax, 6 Trax, and 6 Trax FX. When the player selects the mode, three tracks are played in succession, and the performance of the player is evaluated at the end of the level. The player can upload the local scores to the global online leaderboard to compare with friends. It has over fifty tracks available from a series of genres, including RnB, Soulful house, Indie Pop, Big Beat and more. It has a world tour, consisting of a variety of missions that are unlocked as the player completes the stage. Each mission needs the player to play more than one songs while completing specific tasks. All the missions take place in fourteen nightclubs situated around the world. With superb mechanics, addictive gameplay, and smooth controls, Superbeat: XONiC is the best game to play.

#3 Musynx


Musynx is an Arcade, Music, and Single-player video game developed by I-Inferno and published by PM Studios for Nintendo Switch. The game offers the brand new rhythm gameplay with high-quality graphics. In the game, the graphics use each pixel of the retina screen to make beautiful game images. With advanced sound processing and audio, the game will bring the player the ultimate audio experience. During the gameplay, the player needs to let the musical sounds flow from his fingertips with a single tap. The game lets the player identify each dropping at high speed. The player can play beautiful tunes of the famous songs. There are many levels, and each level offers a set of the objective in which the player needs to tap the screen to play the tune and collect as many points as possible. The game increases the gameplay speed as the player advances through it. With music gameplay, cool graphics, and excellent touch controls, Musynx is the best game to play and enjoy.


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