Inspector Gadget Mad Robots Invasion


Games Like Inspector Gadget Mad Robots Invasion on Steam

#1 The Darkside Detective


The Darkside Detective is an Adventure and Single-player video game developed and published by Spooky Doorway for Multiple Platforms. The game takes place in the world of Twin Lakes City, and the player takes on the role of the female protagonist named Francis McQueen, a detective who must command the underfunded Darkside Division to investigate the evil appearances in the town. In the world, the cultist’s crawl and demon dwell, the player need to control the detective to solve the challenging mysteries. The game offers the adventure gameplay with a distinct sense of humour. There are six complex cases available, and further cases are coming soon. The player explores the world from a side-scroll perspective with an aim to interact with Non-player Characters, meets strange creatures, and struggle to solve the mysteries to become the world’s best detective. The Darkside Detective includes prominent features such as Six Cases, Gravity Ghost, Cutting Edge Graphics, and more.