Inspector Gadget Mad Robots Invasion


Games Like Inspector Gadget Mad Robots Invasion for Nintendo Wii

#1 The Legend of Kage


The Legend of Kage is a 1985 Action, Side-scroll Perspective, and Single-player Platformer video game developed by Taito and published by Square Enix for Nintendo. The game takes place in the 2D world where the player assumes the role of the young ninja named Kage. According to the plot, the player is on an epic mission to save Princess Kiri from the vicious villains named Yuki and Yoshi. The player must struggle to battle his way through the forest, along with the mysterious passageway, through the castle and up the fortress wall, saving Princess two times to win the game. The season will be changed as the player rescues the princess. The player character is equipped with a kodachi sword and countless shuriken. Main gameplay focuses on killing enemies and enemy monks over five challenging stages. Each stage has its unique perspective, set of enemies and objectives. The player moves across the world from a side-scroll perspective, use a shuriken to kill enemies at distant and sword for a close encounter. With old-school graphics, good mechanics, and well-written storyline, The Legend of Kage is an excellent game to play.