Inspector Gadget Mad Robots Invasion


Games Like Inspector Gadget Mad Robots Invasion for Android

#1 Mr Gun


Mr Gun is a simple Arcade and Single-player Shooting video game created by Ketchapp for Android and iOS. The game is set in a 2D world where the player controls a character from a side view. It contains several challenging levels, and each level contain enemies that the player needs to destroy using a set of weapons. Each level completion rewards the player with points that he can use to upgrade his weapons to make them powerful. As the player advances, further awesome weapons will become available to select and use against bosses. The difficulty level also increases upon completing objectives. Each level contains a set of platform connected throw ladders on which the player climb to reach the target and destroy them to make coins. A regular enemy will die with only a single shot, but the bosses require three or four shots to die. Mr Gun offers core features such as Simple Gameplay, Relaxing Sound Effects, Multiple levels, various Weapons, and more.