Inspector Gadget Mad Robots Invasion


Games Like Inspector Gadget Mad Robots Invasion for PS2

#1 Elevator Action Returns


Elevator Action Returns is an Action, Side-scroll, Single-player and Two Player video game created and published by Taito Corporation. The game is the perfect combination of Platform and Action elements, and it serves as the sequel to 1983 video game Elevator Action. It retains the elevator-based gimmick from the previous installment, but it expands the gameplay system and replaces some elements with a new scenario involving team fighting against terrorism. As the protagonist, the player needs to jump into the world and open all red-coloured doors in each stage and then struggle to exit. The game doesn’t allow the player to go further after the specific point if the player mixed a door. In the game, each player has a health gauge that displays the damage’s amount. When the gauge reaches zero, the player will die. During the game, the player is capable of unearthing the items by smashing objects in the scenery like garbage piles, trash cans, and more. With cool features, stunning gameplay, and dynamic sound effects, Elevator Action Returns is an amazing game to play.