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43 Games Like Virtual Villagers for Mac OS

Virtual Villagers is an amazing Life Simulation and community based series of games created by Last Day of Work. All the games in the series are set in differently designed and modified game worlds. Every game of the series allows you to choose a player character for yourself, get into the game world and interact with other online players, play different games, solve puzzles etc. The strategic element remains prevalent in all of the games along with specific etic and cultural backgrounds. The game is basically set in a four part divided island of Isola and it allows you to think on your own after you are inside the game-world. For Example, you can either build a living space for yourself, go partying with friends, grow crops or start a business etc. The basic task in every game is to create a village for all the people who migrated after the volcanic eruption, gather and spend resources to establish a prosperous civilization. Other tasks include the development of different buildings (Huts, crop fields, graveyards, places of worship, castles etc.). With all the great things this whole series of games offers, Virtual villagers is a great game to play and enjoy.

7. Wild Tribe

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Wild Tribe is another fascinatingly great video game by Tik Games. The game is an amazing combination of Action RPG, Strategy and Life-Simulation elements and lets you get into the game world after choosing and customizing a player character for yourself. Once inside the game world, Wild Tribe lets you…

11. The Sims 3: Island Paradise

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The Sims 3: Island Paradise is a 10th DLC Pack for the original game The Sims 3 series published by Electronic Arts for Windows and Mac platforms. It supports Single-player mode only and is similar to The Sims: Vocation, The Sims 2: Bon Voyage, and more. The DLC pack introduces…

21. Stick RPG 2: Director’s Cut

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Stick RPG 2: Director’s Cut is an Adventure, Role-playing, Open World and Single-player Simulation created and published by XGen Studios. The game is awesome and revolves around the protagonist and his efforts to make his place among strange citizens while working, eating, gambling, and studying. According to the story, the…

27. SimAirport

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SimAirport is a Building, Management, Sandbox and Single-player Business Simulation uses the Pixel Graphics developed and published by LVGameDev LLC for multiple platforms. The game takes place in the sandbox environment, and the game serves as an advanced tycoon-style simulation and management video game where the player has an opportunity…

28. The Sims 4: Seasons

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The Sims 4: Seasons is a Downloadable Content Pack (DLC) for Life Simulation game The Sims 4, developed by EA Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. The game supports Single-player mode only, and the DLC pack comes with seasons and holidays. It borrows the elements from The Sims 2 and…

32. RPG Tycoon

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RPG Tycoon is a unique blend of Management, Role-playing, and Strategy gameplay elements developed by Skatanic Studios and published by GSProductions Ltd. The game offers classic management gameplay with a unique twist and the main aim the game to provide the player with familiar yet original experience by missing the…

33. Jurassic Island: The Dinosaur Zoo

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Jurassic Island: The Dinosaur Zoo is a Strategy, Management, and Single-player Simulation developed and published by FrameLineNetwork. The game welcomes the player in the stunning land to create his dream dinosaur park. In the game, the main task of the player is to manage the successful dinosaur park by attracting…

37. Royal Envoy 3

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Royal Envoy 3 is a Time Management and Single-player video game with Strategy elements, available to play on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. The story follows the HMS Islandshire, who is navigating the South Ocean when they suddenly discover new land. Unknown islands comprise a set of pearls, gold, fish,…

39. Parkitect

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Parkitect comes with fabulous tools and items that the player can use to create his dream park in a 3D environment. The game deals with Construction and Management Simulation elements offered by Texel Raptor. Only a Single-player mode available and the game simulates amusement park management like the RollerCoaster Tycoon…

40. Project Hospital

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Project Hospital is a Strategy, Building, Sandbox, and Single-player video game created by Oxymoron Games for Multiple Platforms. The game provides the player with an opportunity to become an ace doctor, a manager and a successful architect at the same time. In the game, the player has to design his…

41. The Sims 4: City Living

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The Sims 4: City Living is a Life Simulation developed by EA Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. The game supports Single-player mode, and the title serves as the 3rd downloadable content pack for The Sims 4. The DLC pack comes with three new careers such as Critics, Social Media,…

42. Ant Queen

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Ant Queen is a Sandbox, Strategy, and Single-player video game played from a top-down perspective, developed by inVantage Technologies for Multiple Platforms. The game embarks the player on an epic journey like no other and lets him assume the role of an Ant Queen with an aim to establish the…

43. Epic Manager: Create Your Own Adventuring Agency!

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Epic Manager: Create Your Own Adventuring Agency! is an Adventure, Management, Role-playing, and Single-player Strategy game for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. The game acts like a brand new take on the Tycoon Role-playing genre inspired by classics. The game offers a unique blend of roster management and character development…

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