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48 Games Like Dead In Bermuda

Dead In Bermuda is an Adventure, Strategy, Survival, and Role-playing video game with an emphasis on Management elements developed by CCCP and published by Playdius for multiple platforms. The game comes with Single-player mode only and serves as the installment in the series of Dead In. It involves the Survival Management gameplay with RPG and adventure twist, in which the player controls a team of eight survivors and struggle to complete a variety of tasks, earn experience and develop his survival skills, research new technologies to advance through the game. Using the crafting feature, the player can develop tools, equipment, and items for his team, explore the brutal Island for resources and solve the challenging puzzles. It offers easy to play, but hard to master gameplay. During the gameplay, the player needs to manage his team, prevent death to survive longer, create a relationship between characters, RPG system, and more. Dead In Bermuda includes core features such as 100 Maps to Explore, Special Encounters, Crafting System, and more. Check it out, and have fun.

7. Wild Tribe

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Wild Tribe is another fascinatingly great video game by Tik Games. The game is an amazing combination of Action RPG, Strategy and Life-Simulation elements and lets you get into the game world after choosing and customizing a player character for yourself. Once inside the game world, Wild Tribe lets you…

13. Megapolis

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Megapolis is a great City Building, Construction and Management Simulation. The game allows you to build whole new city from scratch, explore, collect and manage resources, build massive economies and enjoy being control of everything. Finance management is the key element in Megapolis that allows you to simply balance your…

14. My Fantastic Park

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My Fantastic Park is another great Business, Building and Management Simulation that allows you to build a beautiful theme parks and enjoy being a great manager. The game tasks you with building and decorating the park using all the wonderful items and upgrades. As different kinds of rides are a…

22. Westward Kingdoms

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Westward Kingdoms is a Building, and Single-player Simulation developed and published by Sandlot Games for Windows platform. The game is a mix of farming, exploring, top-down and strategy elements. You can start the as a prince or princess, who receives a news from the King. According to news, your kingdom…

23. Harvest Moon: Magical Melody

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Harvest Moon: Magical Melody is a Single and Multiplayer, Role-playing, Farming and Social Simulation developed and published by Marvelous Interactive for Nintendo Wii. The game takes place in the stunning world and has two objectives such as to marry with one of the town people and harvest goddess. It lets…

46. Predynastic Egypt

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Predynastic Egypt is a Historical-themed, Puzzle, and Single-player video game with an emphasis on Strategy and Management elements developed and published by Clarus Victoria. The game lets the player get ready to witness the evolutionary breakthroughs that allowed Egyptians to march into the lands, battle catastrophes, and struggle to establish…

48. The Urbz: Sims in the City

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The Urbz: Sims in the City is a Single-player and Two-player Life Simulation created by Maxis and published by EA Games. The game acts as the 3rd for consoles and serves as the 2nd title to be cancelled on Microsoft Windows. The story of the game lets the player assume…

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