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51 Games Like Survivors: The Quest

Survivors: The Quest is an Adventure, Crafting, and Single-player Life Simulation with an emphasis on Survival elements, developed and published by G5 Entertainment. The game brings an exciting storyline for the players who love playing survival games. The player takes on the protagonist’s role, who must struggle to craft tools, gather resources and navigate ruins to help keep his team stranded island. According to the plot, the player can his team are traveling, then suddenly the plane crashed and they found themselves stranded on the island. During the gameplay, the player needs to solve epic quests and investigate the strange mysteries to unearth the secrets. Grow and harvest crops and then use as the ingredients to cook delicious dishes. The ultimate task is to full his inventory with useful items and treasure chests the player find across the island. To survive longer, the player must encounter and overcome bizarre creatures and vicious locals. Survivors: The Quest includes core features such as Solve the Challenging Puzzles, Find out unique Ingredients, Explore Beaches, Tropical Islands, and more. Check it out, and have fun.

5. The Simpsons: Tapped Out

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The Simpsons: Tapped Out is a wonderful Freemium Building and Management mobile Simulation that allows you to create your own Springfield City, create and customize characters, construct buildings (Houses, Shops, Schools, Hospitals, and Malls) and enjoy being a Simpson. With constant updates to the game content, huge amounts of DLC,…

9. Wild Tribe

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Wild Tribe is another fascinatingly great video game by Tik Games. The game is an amazing combination of Action RPG, Strategy and Life-Simulation elements and lets you get into the game world after choosing and customizing a player character for yourself. Once inside the game world, Wild Tribe lets you…

21. Family Guy Online

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Family Guy Online was an Action, MMO, Role-playing and Fantasy-based Simulation developed by Roadhouse Interactive and published by 20th Century Fox. The game uses typical character classes such as a ranger, a tank, and a healer. Like other MMORPGs, the players can create their characters and can customize those using…

23. Stick RPG 2: Director’s Cut

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Stick RPG 2: Director’s Cut is an Adventure, Role-playing, Open World and Single-player Simulation created and published by XGen Studios. The game is awesome and revolves around the protagonist and his efforts to make his place among strange citizens while working, eating, gambling, and studying. According to the story, the…

37. Virtual Villagers: Origins

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Virtual Villagers: Origins is a Single-player Life Simulation developed and published by Last Day of Work, LLC. It takes place on the fabled Island of Isola and combines the survival, crafting, and life simulation elements. It offers an exciting story, in which you have to take care of your tribe…

50. Forsaken Fortress Strategy

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Forsaken Fortress Strategy developed by Photon Arena and published by Kiss Ltd. is a Role-playing, Strategy, Single-player video game with Survival and Zombie elements for Microsoft Windows platform. The game mainly revolves around squad-based gameplay with survival strategy focused on scavenging and base building. The player as the leader of…
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