Endless Ocean: Blue World


Games Like Endless Ocean: Blue World for Xbox 360

#1 Sea Life Safari


Sea Life Safari is an Adventure, Photography, Exploration and Single-player video game created by Wild Tangent. The game takes place in underwater environments and allows you take on the role of the scuba diver. It puts you on an epic adventure to take photographs of rare fish. There are different types of fishes to take photograph, different environment to explore, valuable to discover and the ship graveyard. Control your submarine and get into the game world where you can encounter the massive variety of species, discover life in the sea, and can explore sunk city with ancient ruins. It has a set of levels and each level has ten unique sea shells. Gather all sea shells to unlock further content and earn experience points. It includes different fishes such as Lion Fish, Sea Horse, Banded Shrimp, Purple Tang, Banner Fish, and more. Explore the game world, accomplish all levels, collect treasure and use them to enhance your power. Different fishes, sea Environment, a set of levels, Upgrades, Rewards, etc. are the prominent features of the game. Try it out and it’ll entertain you a lot.