Endless Ocean: Blue World


Games Like Endless Ocean: Blue World on Steam

#1 World of Diving


World of Diving is an Adventure, Scuba Diving, VR, Co-op, Single and Multiplayer Simulation developed by Vertigo Games. The game takes place in rendered ocean environments and lets you immerse yourself in Multiplayer mode. Assume the role of the protagonist and jump into the game world which is filled with various animals and sea creatures. It has a set of levels that you must complete at any cost. Explore the ocean, find fossils, treasure, and sea life. Sell your treasure to earn money and use them to buy items and equipment to go deeper in the sea. You can customize your appearance, tools, and gear. Unlock further missions by inviting your friends in multiplayer mode. There are different locations to explore such as sunk ships, an ancient city with ruins, and others. Interact with sea creatures and compete against your friend divers. Discover new areas, sea species, and treasure to level-up. World of Diving offers core features such as Multiplayer Mode, Interaction, various Animals, Upgrades, Create your Diver, Share your creativity with friends and more. Try it out and you’ll enjoy it.