Endless Ocean: Blue World


Games Like Endless Ocean: Blue World for Nintendo DS

#1 Pokémon Snap


Pokémon Snap is an addictive, First-person, Photography, and Single-player Simulation created by HAL Laboratory. Pokémon Snap is the spin-off entry in the series of Pokémon. The game takes place in the open environment and lets you get into the role of the journal photographer who is loaded with a camera. Your main task is to explore the massive environment, find rare Pokémon and take their photographs. Your experience points depend on the quality of your photos. A photographer is hired by Oak who is a professor to a strange island to assist him. The professor needs some high-quality photos to complete his research. There are different levels to explore such as Beach, Volcano, Tunnel, Valley, River, Rainbow Cloud and more. Explore exciting locations, encounter Pokémons, take a photo using the camera and earn points. You have to take over sixty picture in each level to level up. With detailed visuals, addictive gameplay, brilliant mechanics, and superb controls, Pokémon Snap is the wonderful game to play and enjoy.