Games Like Voidrunner for PC

#1 Cheesy Invaders


Cheesy Invaders is an Arcade, Action and Top-down Fixed Shooter video game created and published by Chessy Software for DOS. The game serves as the clone of both Galaxian and Space Invaders and it comes with a strange alien invaders who are looking for to attack the planet earth. The player is the last hope of the world who can save it. The game offers the player an opportunity to become the hero by destroying the alien invaders, coming toward the planet Earth with unholy plans of destruction. The aim of the player is to shoot the aliens as fast as possible and struggle to decrease them in numbers to score the highest points. During the game, the player needs to battle against an evil races such as Mac, TV Adjusters, Cheese, and The Planets. Once the wave of the alien comes down and touch the ship of the player, he will lose his one of three lives. The player will receive points for each successful targets and can challenge his fellow to beat his record of best points. The player moves to the next level, one the screen of the previous level is cleared. With good gameplay, smooth controls, and dynamic sound effects, Cheesy Invaders is the best game to play.