Games Like Voidrunner for Mac OS

#1 Apeiron


Apeiron is an Arcade, Fixed Shooter and Single-player video game takes place in 2D world developed and published by Ambrosia Software. The game offers the similar gameplay to Centipede and lets the player to control the ship from the bottom of the screen with an aim to take down the centipede which is gradually moving from up to down in the direction of player. The movement of the insect is horizontally from right to left or vertically from up to down. The player commands a ship loaded with weapon and the player can shoot the insect, causing the insect slit into multiple moving parts like the original. There is a number of levels and each has its unique difficult and background setting with amazing soundtracks. The player needs to score the points by attacking centipede and collect bonuses to gain new abilities. He can move in four direction such as right and left or up to down. Apeiron is the wonderful game for those players who love playing Fixed-Shooter games.