Vampire: The MasqueradeA: Bloodlinesa 2


Games Like Vampire: The MasqueradeA: Bloodlinesa 2 for PS Vita

#1 Shadow Man


Shadow Man is an Action, Horror, Third-person Perspective, Adventure and Single-player video game developed by Acclaim Studio Teesside and published by Acclaim Entertainment. The game follows the comic book known as Shadow man published by Valiant Comics. It takes place in the historical year in 1988 and the story centers on the protagonist named as Jack who are try to take his own life after becoming fail to uncover the secret behind the murder scene. A Legion occurs and tells the protagonist about the power that he seeks and offers a proposal to share this power with him if he construct an asylum in the land of dead known as Deadside. You can take on the role of the protagonist and your ultimate objective is to navigate the environment from third-person and fulfill your objectives to progress through the game. You can interact with environment and objective to collect valuables. The game offers open environment filled with monsters, deadly animals, and more. Use weapons to slaughter them and score the best points. Try it out, and it’ll entertain you.