Vampire: The MasqueradeA: Bloodlinesa 2


Games Like Vampire: The MasqueradeA: Bloodlinesa 2 for Linux

#1 Sir, You Are Being Hunted


This super thriller, Action-Adventure, Horror Survival and shooter video game is a great creation of Big Robot Games. Sir, You Are Being Hunted lets you roam into an open world and survive the hordes of Hunters (Robots dressed as the Victorian Gentlemen). The robots are following you only to capture you and kill you after the investigation. You must survive using all the things like weapons and objects and escape the island. There are a lot of items of interests hidden in the towns, you can find them and use them to survive and plan your escape. The enemies are way too stronger in the game and they can get help from dogs, balloons or sentries etc. to keep you out from the premises you are not allowed to enter. The robots with all the unique tactics try to lure and capture you so you better be careful even when touching an object. Other great features of the game are the Unique and engaging game-play, Randomly generated game worlds, super realistic graphics and a great story. Sir, You Are Being Hunted is an awesome game to play and enjoy. Do try it out.