Games Like Tropico for Nintendo Wii U

#1 A World of Keflings


A World of Keflings is a great Building, Management and Life Simulation video game by NinjaBee. The game lets you select and customize a character for yourself and be a Giant in the world of keflings. Keflings are Gnomes and Elves like Minute people who are in dire need of your help to rebuild their kingdom. Your task is to harvest resources, construct different buildings, and send the Keflings on different jobs etc. A World of Keflings lets you explore multiple kefling kingdoms (Ice Kingdom, Desert Kingdom, Forest Kingdom etc.) gather up resources, construct buildings and complete the objectives of the game. With cool Visuals, an amazingly appealing game-play, lots of upgrades and other cool stuff, A World of Keflings is a magnificent game to play and enjoy.