Games Like Tropico for Nintendo Wii

#1 Anno 1404 – Dawn of Discovery


Anno 1404 or also known as Dawn of Discovery is a brilliant video game that blends in City-Building, Real-time Strategy, MMO and Economic elements beautifully. The game features both medieval and renaissance era settings and allows you to build your own settlements, explore islands, construct buildings, get into diplomatic ties with neighboring settlements or wage wars against the enemies in order to conquer their lands or to defend your own. The city building element of the game allows you to build massive structures like monuments, research labs, and other facilities and rule over them, maintain them etc. The economic element allows you to set up trade routes and economically grow your settlement, acquire necessary resources and manage them wisely. Just like other games in the Anno Series, Anno 1404 or Dawn of Discovery offers a similar Sandbox style gameplay, wonderful visual details and other great things to make you love this game. Try it out and it’ll amaze you with all of what it has to offer.


#2 Anno: Create a New World


Anno: Create a New World mixes the Real-time Strategy and City Building elements and supports Single-player mode only, developed by Keen Games and published by Ubisoft. The game is set in the historical year 1404, where the land of King named George suffers from famine and drought. Aware of his citizens’ distress, King decides to remedy the situation by sending his two beloved sons named as Edward and William, to manipulate the environment as well as new territories that produce enough goods to make the people happy. Despite being brothers, both characters have different personalities such as William tries to approach peacefully while on another hand his brother Edward suggest conflict to gather resources they require for their people. The game enables the player to join the princes as they struggle to create their empire, explore the exotic orient, find out new inventions, and unearth all manner of nefarious political intrigue. The player can manipulate the idyllic islands as he aims to locate prime real estate to put down roots and build his colonies. During the game, the player is capable of farming land, creating roads, marshal his resources, and more. Try it out, if you love playing RTS games.