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Trainz: A New Era

Trainz: A New Era is a Simulation, Driving, Open-world, and Single-player video game developed by N3V Games. All through the game, the player serves as a train driver whose main mission is to transfer the passengers or goods from one place to another… read more
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6 Games Like Trainz: A New Era for Mac OS


1. Train Simulator 2016

Train Simulator 2016 (Originally known as RailWorks)is a massive piece of satisfaction for all those who always dreamt of driving Trains. All those who can not Drive the Trains in real Life can enjoy this near reality Train Driving Simulation by Dovetail games. Filled with all kinds of challenges, Train Simulator 2016 lets the players enjoy a realistic Train Driving experience and take it to extremes when it comes to proving their Train Driving skills. Train Simulator offers fantastic and scenic routes from many real-world locations and takes you to the lush green mountains of Sherman Hill (USA) to West Rhine: Cologne to Koblenz (Germany) and from Riviera Line: Exeter to Kingswear (UK) etc. Train Simulator offers various new features embedded into the gameplay that previously were necessary to download separately to play the game. The new features include “Revamped Graphics, Bug Fixes, Modifications in already existing content, and multiple trade options, etc. Train Simulator 2016 offers engines of different types such as Steam, Diesel and Electric, natural controls, Career, Standard, Free Roam and Quick Drive Modes, various departure and destination stations, Day and Night cycles, various Seasons and Weather types, Passengers and Cargo to deliver, etc. as the newest features of the game. With the biggest ever exclusive content package, beautiful visuals and all the amazing Train Driving fun, Train Simulator 2016 lets you enjoy the game for hours.


2. Train Fever

Who wouldn’t like being an in charge of a mighty Railway System? Well if you want to be the sole manager of a massive Railway and Transport Company, Train Fever provides you with the opportunity to be one. Train Fever is a Railway business Simulation that allows you to be a great Transport Business Tycoon, organize a number of trains and stations, buy new transportation vehicles and expand your business, fulfill the needs of the people and earn money to expand your business to the unforeseen limits. With super cool and ultra-realistic visuals, an amazingly engaging game-play and a lot of other great things, this game will literally make you think like a well-known and wealthy Railway Transport Tycoon. Try it out and you’ll definitely enjoy playing this game.


3. The Final Station

The Final Station is a Side-scroll Shooting and Single-player Train Simulation developed by Do My Best Games and published by tinyBuild. The game mixes the shooting and exploration elements and introduces two types of gameplay. The first game type takes place inside of the train where the player must struggle to maintain the balance taking care of survivors that they have rescued by healing, taking care, and feeding them while completing a variety of mini-games to keep the train running until it reaches to the next destination. The part of the game focuses on combat that happens at every station. The player needs to explore the environment from a side-scroll perspective with an apocalyptic theme that needs a strategic plan to accomplish. During the gameplay, the player must make decision on what resources to use and risk, such as shooting foes, meleeing an enemy, and use the ammunition to deal with enemies or effort to run and avoid the attack of enemies. With superb mechanics, brilliant graphics, and relaxing soundtracks, The Final Station is the wonderful game to play.


4. Bounty Train

Bounty Train is a Strategy, Western-themed, and Single-player Train Simulation developed by Corbie Games and published by Daedalic Entertainment. The game is played from a top-down perspective and lets the player get ready to dominate the Wild West on rails. During the gameplay, the player needs to mount and design his train with dozens of detailed equipment, hire skilled crew and traverse through the dangerous environment to reach the destination. He has to find his way cleverly using his resources and by transporting goods and passengers to their destination. While playing the game, the player has to solve complex problems his way, either bribery, violence, or diplomacy. The player navigates the dangerous life in the historical events. To complete the mission, the player requires one of the most legendary steam machines and turn it into a fortress on rails. Bounty Train includes prominent features such as Efficient Crew, Overcome all Challenges, Experience the America of the 19th Century, Historical Events, and more. With immersive gameplay, smooth controls, and original soundtracks, Bounty Train is the best game to play.


5. Railway Empire

Railway Empire is a Strategy, Management, Building, and Single-player Simulation developed by Gaming Minds Studios and published by Kalypso Media Digital. The game takes place in the historical setting where the race is on to establish the dominant and powerful rail empire in North America. In the game, it’s time to outthink and outmaneuver his opponents as the player lead his company into the twentieth century. In the game, the player has to create his elaborate rail network by purchasing over forty different trains. During the gameplay, the player can purchase or create his railway station, factories, maintenance buildings, and touristic attractions in order to keep his travel network ahead of opponents. There are more than three-hundred technologies available, ranging from mechanical. Railway Empire includes prominent features such as Sabotage the Opponents, Build Railway Stations, 300 Technologies, and more. Check it out, and have fun with trains.


6. Tiny Rails

Tiny Rails is an Adventure, Management, Pixel Graphics, and Single-player Train Simulation developed and published by Tiny Titan Studios for Multiple Platforms. The game allows you to manage your train company from the modest engine to masterpiece in this addictive gameplay. During the gameplay, you must transport passengers and deliver cargo across the globe, while customizing and upgrading the train cars to become a railroad tycoon. The game features an emotional storyline, in which your grandpa has handed down his train company. Now, it’s up to you to expand your regional operational across the globe. You can start the game by upgrading and customizing the train while unlocking new railway stations, transporting passengers from their destinations, and trading supplies. During the gameplay, you will also discover rival train companies, encounter many interesting characters, and snap iconic global landmarks in relaxing simulation. Tiny Rails includes prominent features such as Explore the World, different Outfits, Travel the World Map, a blend of Relaxing Music with Pixel Art, and more.

More About Trainz: A New Era

Trainz: A New Era is a Simulation, Driving, Open-world, and Single-player video game developed by N3V Games. All through the game, the player serves as a train driver whose main mission is to transfer the passengers or goods from one place to another.

The player has to manage all the characteristics of the train to perform in a better way. If the player completes the journey safely, the game rewards bonus points, and if some damage has consumed, the bonus is over. The player has to tune the railway lines and must maintain them for a delightful experience.

The game has a route editor that allows the player to create his desired route with less complexity. The player must focus on the correct platform and never miss the route; if so, the train will be out of the destination. A time limit is set for every mission, and completion in the restricted time is a must.