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20 Games Like Tiny Rails

Tiny Rails is an Adventure, Management, Pixel Graphics, and Single-player Train Simulation developed and published by Tiny Titan Studios for Multiple Platforms. The game allows you to manage your train company from the modest engine to masterpiece in this addictive gameplay. During the gameplay, you must transport passengers and deliver cargo across the globe, while customizing and upgrading the train cars to become a railroad tycoon. The game features an emotional storyline, in which your grandpa has handed down his train company. Now, it’s up to you to expand your regional operational across the globe. You can start the game by upgrading and customizing the train while unlocking new railway stations, transporting passengers from their destinations, and trading supplies. During the gameplay, you will also discover rival train companies, encounter many interesting characters, and snap iconic global landmarks in relaxing simulation. Tiny Rails includes prominent features such as Explore the World, different Outfits, Travel the World Map, a blend of Relaxing Music with Pixel Art, and more.

1. Train Station: The Game on Rails

Android iOS Amazon
Train Station: The Game on Rails is an addictive Management, Single-player and Multiplayer Rail Simulation developed and published by Pixel Federation for iOS and Android. The game offers you an opportunity to start your train business and experience the unique and amazing train ride of your life. You can navigate…

2. Thrillville: Off the Rails

Win 360 DS Wii PS2 PSP Amazon
Thrillville: Off the Rails is a mix of Party, Real-time Strategy, Action and Simulation elements developed by Frontier Developments and published by LucasArts. The game supports both Single and Multiplayer modes and it is the sequel to Thrillville video game released in 2006. It features a variety of mini-games to…

3. Trainz Simulator 2009: World Builder Edition

PSP Amazon
Trainz Simulator 2009: World Builder Edition is a Single-player, and Multiplayer Train Simulation developed and published by Auran Games Pty, Ltd. for Microsoft Windows. The game is the railroad simulation, serving as the part in the series of Trainz video games. Like its previous installments, the player as the driver…

5. Train Simulator

Win Amazon
Train Simulator (also known as RailWorks) developed and published by Dovetail Games is a Train Simulation for Microsoft Windows. The game serves as the successor to Rail Simulator and introduces five real-world routes of North America and Europe, and brings up to three fictional routes such as Denver in Colorado,…

7. Microsoft Train Simulator 2

Win Amazon
Microsoft Train Simulator 2 (also known as MSTS 2) is a sequel to Microsoft Train Simulator and offers an exciting gameplay supports Single-player mode only. The game provides a chance to the player to assume the role of the train driver with a task to transport to passengers from their…

12. Train Simulator 2017

Android Amazon
Train Simulator 2017 is a Driving and Single-player Simulation developed and published by iGames Entertainment for Android. The game lets you become the driver of the train and takes you in the stunning environment where you will experience the realistic controls. There are several railway track available and the main…

14. World of Subways 3: London Underground Circle Line

Win Amazon
World of Subways 3: London Underground Circle Line is an Adventure, Driving, and Realistic Underground Train Simulation developed by TML-Studios and published by Aerosoft GmbH for Microsoft Windows. The game offers Single-player mode only and takes place in the open world environment where the player will discover the newest Subway…

16. Loco Mania

Win Amazon
Loco Mania plays from an isometric perspective, and it deals with puzzle and train simulation elements developed by 7FX, S.R.O. and published by Lighthouse Interactive Game Publishing BV. The game introduces 12 different maps, and over twenty-six different locomotives are available. All maps are unlocked as the player advances through…

17. Bounty Train

Win Mac Amazon
Bounty Train is a Strategy, Western-themed, and Single-player Train Simulation developed by Corbie Games and published by Daedalic Entertainment. The game is played from a top-down perspective and lets the player get ready to dominate the Wild West on rails. During the gameplay, the player needs to mount and design…

20. Don’t Sink

Steam Win Mac Switch Amazon
Don’t Sink is an Adventure, Pirates, Role-playing, 2D Pixel Graphics, and Single-player video game created by Sebastian Nigro and published Studio Eris. It takes place in the sandbox gameplay that takes its inspiration from Pirates of the Caribbean, Sid Meier’s Pirates and FTL: Faster Than Light but makes specific to…

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