11 Games Like The Adventures of Darwin

The Adventures of Darwin is a Real-time Strategy and Single-player video game developed by TBC and published by D3. The game takes place in the unforgettable environment and puts you in the role of the leader of a village. To survive in the hostile world, you have to lead your villagers and starts from a small town. Explore the world to find foods, resources and technology and turn your village into an advanced city. Teach your tribe how to hunt, how to build, and teach them the language to understand each and other. Prove yourself as the best leader and face off all complex problems to keep your villagers happy. There are a variety of levels and each level is challenging to play. Build different shelters, harvest resources, and fight against enemies to progress through the game. The Adventures of Darwin offers core features such as Exciting Gameplay, Stunning Graphics, attractive Sounds, and Smooth Controls, etc. Try it out, and you’ll enjoy it.

5. New Little King’s Story

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New Little King’s Story combines the elements of Real-time Strategy, Role-playing, and Life-Simulation by Konami and available to play on multiple platforms. The game supports Single-player mode only, and the story revolves around a young boy, who found a crown which gives him the magical power to take control of…

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