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11 Games Like New Little King’s Story

New Little King’s Story combines the elements of Real-time Strategy, Role-playing, and Life-Simulation by Konami and available to play on multiple platforms. The game supports Single-player mode only, and the story revolves around a young boy, who found a crown which gives him the magical power to take control of the mind of people and make them his followers. You can assume the role of the King of the beautiful village, and your primary objective is to expand the community and keep your villagers happy all the time. The game is a mix of Adventure and Real-time Strategy elements. You can issue different orders to your villagers using your charm and control. In the beginning, you can start a cluttered field, and you have to turn it into a brilliant city. The game rewards you with money as you accomplish a set of missions and use to further progress through the game. New Little King’s Story is the best game for those who love playing RTS games with RPG elements.

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