Shadow of Memories Alternatives for PS4


Shadow of Memories

Shadow of Memories is an Adventure and Single-player video game developed by Konami Computer Entertainment for Multiple Platforms. In the game, the main objective is to control the character named Eike Kusch through the fictional town, known as Lebensbaum. During the gameplay, the player must traverse through the time to stop and reveal his murderer… read more

6 Games Like Shadow of Memories for PS4


1. Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a Graphic Adventure video game published by Square Enix and developed by Deck Nine. The game serves as the 2nd title in the series of Life is Strange and it is a prequel to the first installment, revolves around the 16-year-old girl named as Chloe Price and her relationship with her schoolmate named as Rachel Amber. It takes place in the stimulating environment, played from a third-person perspective. It offers the similar gameplay to its predecessor and doesn’t support time travel feature anymore. The game introduces a Backtalk feature, enabling the player to call up Chloe to get out of the precarious situation. The player as the protagonist can explore the world from a third-person view, interact with object and environment to complete the missions and score points. As the player progresses through the game, it becomes challenging to play and unlock additional content to enjoy. With enhanced mechanics, graphics, and controls, Life is Strange: Before the Storm is the wonderful game to play.


2. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is a great Point and Click Adventure game developed and published by The Astronauts. This game was initially developed solely for PC (Microsoft Windows) but later on the company decided to launch a PlayStation 4 compatible version and that is expected to get in to markets in early 2015. The story of the game starts with a mysterious letter from a young boy Ethen Carter to Detective Paul Prospero about some supernatural events, murders and vanishing of Ethan all set to happen in near future. Detective Paul reaches the residence of Ethan and finds out that Ethan has already vanished. Detective Paul starts exploring Red Creek and gets to know about its dark secrets. This entangled storyline game traps Detective Paul in an endless world of puzzles and bizarre events all created by Ethan. He makes him solve some really weird murder cases of his family members and forces detective Paul Prospero to battle with un-natural beings. This amazing adventure game provides with an open world gaming environment, cool graphics and game-play.


3. Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered: Soul Suspect is and adventure game developed by Alright Games and Published by Square Enix. The story of the game kick starts from an American town named Salem. With a third person perspective, the player controls the main character of the game Ronan (formerly and agent) and explores the town walking and running through different places and buildings like churches, apartments, graveyards etc. Ronan is bound to collect different collectibles scattered around the town. Ronan being a ghost gets the advantage to use a lot of ghostly powers and benefits himself along the way and the story continues. The game comes with a lot of amazing and special characters like a ruthless serial killer Bell, Julia the wife of Ronan, Abigail a Puritan era girl, Cassandra Ronan’s mother and Joy the only witness to the murder of Ronan. Ronan is back to finish what he started and wows to kill his killer. Amazing graphics, details and gameplay forces you to stick to your chair and play till you get tired. Packed with all the action and drama, Murdered: Soul Suspect is worth giving a try. You can play this game on PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360.


4. Tales from the Borderlands

Tales from the Borderlands based on the original Borderlands is an Episodic, Interactive Drama and Graphic Action-Adventure video game developed by Telltale Games. Set in the Borderlands universe, this point and click graphic adventure video game lets you be anyone of the two main protagonists Rhys and Fiona, Explore the game world, interact with game objects, engage yourself into conversations with NPCs and make choices that will eventually effect the story and will set the course of events. Tales from the Borderlands provides with some gun-play elements too and features the same mechanics that were previously used with Borderlands and provides with procedurally generated guns and ammunition. Tales from the Borderlands have some more episodes yet to come out and will definitely amaze you with what it has to offer. For a great Adventure and interactive Drama experience, you should totally play this game.


5. The Last of Us

The Last of US, developed by NaughtyDog is an Action-Adventure, Third-person Shooting and Interactive Drama video game set in an Apocalyptic Era. The Horror Survival and RPG element makes this game stand out as one of the best games of this genre. The Last of US focuses on the characters of Joel and his daughter Sarah who both are trying to survive in the outbreak of Cordyceps Fungus, responsible of turning almost all of the humanity into the Monsters and Undead. If anybody comes into the contact with them, turns into one of them and this keeps on going until there is nobody left. While trying to scavenge for food and supplies, a soldier’s bullet kills Sarah and Joel goes against the forces and all the weapon holders. He becomes a smuggler and starts finding “Robert” for a huge supply of weapons and ammunition. When Joel encounters Robert, he tells him to have sold all the weapons to a Rebel group Fire Flies. Tess kills Robert and Teams up with Joel, Ellie joins the gang too and they all start their journey to eliminate the head of Rebel group. This is where you get into the play and take over the character of “Joel”. You must lead your team and encounter the rebels who actually are the real culprits who spread the Cordyceps Fungus. The Last of US allows you to use all kinds of weapons and engage in massive battles against the enemies so you must reach to the Rebel Head and kill him before he kills you and your team mates. The Last of US provides a great blend of variant stories and mixes them up in a very dramatic way and puts Action-Adventure, Shooting, RPG elements on a great show just for you to play and enjoy the game to the heights of entertainment.


6. Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a recently released Marvel and a brilliant new addition to the Action, Interactive Drama and Horror-Survival genres. Published by Sony Computer Entertainment, Until Dawn is set in the Western Canadian region and features eight teenagers who decide to spend the vacation on Fictional Blackwood Mountain. They planned the Holiday at the same point where their 2 friends were lost one year ago. Just moments after their arrival at the Blackwood Mountain, a Psychopath attacks them. The only way possible to live is to survive and this is the point where story involves you in the gameplay. In order to survive and to perform a number of tasks, Until Dawn lets you switch between all eight characters, make some of the most critical decisions and advance into the gameplay as the story tell you. Until Dawn offers an episodic touch to the game and lets you conclude the game with different endings all based up on the actions you perform and the decisions you make during the gameplay. This impressive game features a number of items that you can find while exploring the game world and use them to plan your survival or simply make a decision such as sacrificing a player for the sake of others, getting into trouble to get to an item or leap forward and encounter the psychopath etc. With a very horror filled game story and environment, dark clean visuals and a truly remarkable gameplay, Until Dawn is one of the best Action, Horror-Survival and Interactive Drama video game to play and enjoy.

More About Shadow of Memories

Shadow of Memories is an Adventure and Single-player video game developed by Konami Computer Entertainment for Multiple Platforms. In the game, the main objective is to control the character named Eike Kusch through the fictional town, known as Lebensbaum. During the gameplay, the player must traverse through the time to stop and reveal his murderer. It spans in three parts such as an epilogue, eight chapters, and a prologue. In each episode, the protagonist died and resurrected by an NPC named Homunculus, and then he needs to travel back in time when he was alive with the intent of changing the event to stop the death. The game borrows the traditional elements from action games and introducing time-traveling features through different eras. The main objectives of the payer involve him finding items, interacting with NPCs, and others. There are multiple endings, and each focuses on the actions the player makes while playing the game to stop the scene of his murder. Shadow of Memories includes prominent features, detailed graphics, adventure gameplay, and smooth controls.