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Shadow of Memories

Shadow of Memories is an Adventure and Single-player video game developed by Konami Computer Entertainment for Multiple Platforms. In the game, the main objective is to control the character named Eike Kusch through the fictional town, known as Lebensbaum. During the gameplay, the player must traverse through the time to stop and reveal his murderer… read more

7 Games Like Shadow of Memories for Mac OS


1. Kentucky Route Zero

Kentucky Route Zero is an Episodic Point-and-Click Action-Adventure video game developed and published by Cardboard Computer. This indie game is available to play on PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac OS and Linux. The narrative of the game whirls around the life of a truck driver and his dog. The driver along with his dog, accepts to travel to Kentucky to deliver the antique goods and on his way to Kentucky he slips off the road and gets lost. He interacts with strangers and with so many different things to find his way back to Kentucky and reaches to Equus Oils a pitch black gas station. At Equus Oils the real adventure of his life begins. Game features astonishingly amazing game-play, superb graphics and environment. One thing that is quite different about this game is the absence of verbal dialogue. Instead of a verbal dialogue the game uses text-based dialogue to interact with people and things. This epic game is worth trying. Do give it a go and enjoy all the fun.


2. Spec Ops: The Line

Spec Ops: The Line is a Military themed Tactical and Third Person Shooter video game developed by Yager Development and published by 2k games for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 gaming consoles. The story of the game follows the protagonist Captain Martin Walker who goes to the catastrophic Dubai to investigate about the dead American soldiers. This is the point when the mission changes and Walker along with his Elite Delta Force team starts searching for the survivors and engages into battle with the terrorists who kidnapped and killed the soldiers. The game lets you lead your team and engage in battles in a war like environment using state of the art weapons like futuristic rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers etc. To eliminate the enemies and free the hostages. Spec Ops: The Line offers four different game endings and allows you to mold the events and happenings and end the game with an ending you want. Spec Ops: The Line is a great Tactical Third-person Shooter video game, and you will definitely like playing it.


3. Tales from the Borderlands

Tales from the Borderlands based on the original Borderlands is an Episodic, Interactive Drama and Graphic Action-Adventure video game developed by Telltale Games. Set in the Borderlands universe, this point and click graphic adventure video game lets you be anyone of the two main protagonists Rhys and Fiona, Explore the game world, interact with game objects, engage yourself into conversations with NPCs and make choices that will eventually effect the story and will set the course of events. Tales from the Borderlands provides with some gun-play elements too and features the same mechanics that were previously used with Borderlands and provides with procedurally generated guns and ammunition. Tales from the Borderlands have some more episodes yet to come out and will definitely amaze you with what it has to offer. For a great Adventure and interactive Drama experience, you should totally play this game.


4. Syberia

Syberia is a 2002’s Hit Single-player Point-and-Click Action and Adventure, Third-person video game by Microids. The game follows the story of Kate Walker, game Protagonist and a skilled Lawyer who tries to wrap up a deal for her client in Europe and Russia, but soon after reaching her destination, she is forced to run for her life. With amazing and realistic visual novel style, wonderful environments, brilliant characters and immersive game-play, Syberia allows you to experience the true hardships a Lawyer can go through and in her case, as the story-line suggests, you get a really good lesson out of that. Running for her life, Kate goes through a number of hardest phases of her life including the time when she receives calls on her Cell Phone from unknown numbers and a worsening relationship with her fiancé. According to the story of the game, Kate reaches to French Village named as Valadilene, where she attends the funeral of Toy Factory owner, an old lady named Anna Voralberg. After a visit to the local notary, Kate gets to know about the Old lady’s brother Hans, living in the North-East of Europe but his whereabouts are unknown. In order to transfer the ownership, Kate must find him and when she starts off her journey to find Hans, the story takes a massive turn that actually writes the fate of Kate. A drama begins that topples her life upside down. Now in order to go with the story and enjoy the game, you must get into the character of Kate and start exploring. Syberia offers a fantastic thrill filled Drama and an equally exciting game-play that makes this game one of the most amazing additions to this specific genre. If you are a fan of Action-Adventure gaming, you must play this game and raise the curtains off of the mysterious theme of the game. With all the amazing things combined, Syberia offers a unique story, a totally challenging and quite exciting game-play and beautiful 3D visuals for you to enjoy.


5. Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey

Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey is an episodic Puzzle Point and Click and Adventure video game. This 3D game surrounds the interacting characters, game world exploration and a lot of puzzles to solve. Developed and published by Red Thread Games, this is the most favorite and highest ranking game in the whole series. The futuristic story of the game is set in 2220 and represents two parallel universes named Stark and Arcedia. The protagonist of the game Zoe Castillo breaks the news that the Dreams of the residents of both universes are being stolen by the conspirators and she sets out to ruin their intentions. Betrayed badly and left for dead previously in Dreamfall, Zoe thinks this is the chance to find the purpose of her life. The game features a non-open world environment but several freely roaming levels like Europolis and Marcuria and repays the players with power-ups on collecting every secret and clearing the level. Graphically rich gaming environment and game-play with a third person perspective enhances the charm of playing this awesomely amazing and addicting game to play.


6. The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us is an Interactive Drama, Episodic and Graphic Adventure video game developed by “Telltale Game”. The story of the game is based on “Bill Willingham” Comic Book Series named as “Fables”. The game takes you back to the past in the year 1986 and fits you right into the character of “Bigby Wolf” a law enforcing officer. “The Wolf Among Us” starts off with you as the protagonist saving a fable girl from the attack of a woodsman. You take her to your place where she heals her wounds and leaves saying that “You are not as bad as People think you are”. Chapter ends and in next chapter someone gives you the news of the fable girl’s head resting at a Woodsman doorstep. Sherrif “Ichabod Crane” orders you to investigate and solve the case and take “Snow White” with you as your assistant. “The Wolf Among Us” is a super thrilling and exciting case solving and detective video game that lets you solve murder cases by investigating and collecting the clues/evidences and by interacting with objects and NPCs. The game has a twisted and strange story that literally makes you dive deep into imagination and curiosity. Wolf Among Us offers a brilliant Episodic, Interactive and Story Driven gameplay and beautiful visuals to enjoy.


7. Back to the Future: The Game

Back to the Future: The Game by Telltale Games is an episodic, Action-Adventure, Interactive Drama and third person thriller video game. The game is set in the same year as the movies 1986 and features Doctor Brown and Marty McFly in their time travel adventures. Back to the Future: The Game is split into 5 extremely adventurous episodes in which Marty McFly discovers the DeLorean time machine and Doctor Brown makes it possible to travel to exactly 1 minute in the future. You act as Marty McFly and try to solve the mystery about the disappearance of Doctor. In the game, after traveling to past you’ll find out about Irving Tannen who actually is the mind behind the capture of the Doctor Brown. After this event, the game becomes a a hard struggle as you try to free the Doctor from “Irving”. The game is played from a third person perspective and provides with great graphic details along with a marvelous storyline. The game lets you interact with NPCs and explore the huge open world, solve puzzles etc. for a better game-play experience.

More About Shadow of Memories

Shadow of Memories is an Adventure and Single-player video game developed by Konami Computer Entertainment for Multiple Platforms. In the game, the main objective is to control the character named Eike Kusch through the fictional town, known as Lebensbaum. During the gameplay, the player must traverse through the time to stop and reveal his murderer. It spans in three parts such as an epilogue, eight chapters, and a prologue. In each episode, the protagonist died and resurrected by an NPC named Homunculus, and then he needs to travel back in time when he was alive with the intent of changing the event to stop the death. The game borrows the traditional elements from action games and introducing time-traveling features through different eras. The main objectives of the payer involve him finding items, interacting with NPCs, and others. There are multiple endings, and each focuses on the actions the player makes while playing the game to stop the scene of his murder. Shadow of Memories includes prominent features, detailed graphics, adventure gameplay, and smooth controls.