Running With Rifles


Games Like Running With Rifles for PSP

#1 SWAT: Target Liberty


SWAT: Target Liberty is a Military-themed, and Third-person Shooter video game supports both Single-player and Multiplayer modes, developed by 3G Studios and published by Sierra Entertainment. Taking place in the fictional New York City, SWAT: Target Liberty puts the player in the role of a soldier named Officer Kurt Wolfe, who is a member of SWAT. At first, the protagonist was selected to take down an Asian Gang violence controlled by ethnic Americans, but later on, he and his companions discover that Al-Qaeda forces are trying to pin the blame on the government of the North Korean for an explosion. As the protagonist, the player explores the environment from a third-person view, the battle against enemies, and collect power-ups to boost the strength of the player. It offers an isometric perspective, similar to Police Quest: SWAT 2, and the flow of the game involves the player to experience the arcade-style gameplay. SWAT: Target Liberty includes prominent features such as Several Challenging Missions, Isometric view, Huge Weaponry, and more. Check it out, and you’ll love it.