Running With Rifles


Games Like Running With Rifles for Nintendo 3DS

#1 Monster Shooter


Monster Shooter is an Action-Adventure, Top-down Shooter, and Single-player video game for Nintendo 3DS, published by Gamelion. The game introduces a brand new top-down shooter gameplay, offering the player experiences of full monster mayhem. It follows the epic chase in the Story mode, or enable the player to take chances in survival to become the best. During the gameplay, the player controls a character from a top-down perspective, use a set of weapons, including Grenades, Electricity Guns, Rocket Launchers, and more. The players aim to earn monster cash and visit the shop to purchase upgrades and new weapons. Several perks will enhance the speed of the player, as well as the rate of the fire. The game introduces the ultra-cute hand-drawn graphics, and it comes with audio effects. Monster Shooter offers key features such as Weapons, 2D Graphics, Top-down Action, and more. Try it out, and have fun.