Games Like Pokémon for PS2

#1 Monster Rancher 2


Monster Rancher 2 is a Single-player, and Two-player Life Simulation developed and published by Tecmo for PlayStation. The title acts as the 2nd installment in the series of Monster Rancher. The main gameplay involves the player fighting, raising, and breeding monsters. The primary character of the game is never seen on-screen and never interact with NPCs directly. Instead of all the dialogues and actions in the game is done by the assistant trainer named as Colt and her toucan named joy. In the game, the player can select his actions and make decisions through menu options. The game features the tournament, where the player battle against AI-controlled characters and another player to earn money, fame, and items. It offers the non-linear storyline events and starts with the protagonist, who is going to register to become the world’s best trainer. The player can explore the world from a first-person perspective, find the rare monsters to breed, raise, and train and watch how they evolve. The player can use his trained monsters in the battle against others to win the title of the winner. If you want to become the monster trainer, then Monster Rancher 2 is the best game for you.