Games Like Pokémon for Nintendo DS

#1 Digimon World DS


Digimon World DS is an Action, Role-playing, and Single-player video game by Bandai Namco Games. It offers superb gameplay and lets the player get into the role of the Digimon Tamer and puts him into an epic adventure to find, raise, tame, and train over 230 exciting Digimon. The game takes place in the fantasy world and offers an open environment to explore. The ultimate task is to build a shelter to raise the Digimon, take care of them and train them to fight against other trainers. To unlock other levels, the player must complete objectives. The main goal is to become the best monster trainer and the player must create his monsters team, train them, and participates in the tournament to fight against other trainers. He can exchange his monsters with others or win theirs by defeating them. Explore the game world to find rare Digimon and evolve himself in their communities. Try it out, and it’ll amuse you.


#2 Digimon World Championship


Digimon World Championship developed by Epics and published by Bandai Namco Games is a Single-player Life Simulation available to play on Nintendo DS. It is the marvelous entry in the series of Digimon and centers on the protagonist raising, caring, feeding and bathing for his Demigods as he participates in different activities and learns about the battle. The game offers the similar gameplay to its previous entries and offers enhanced mechanics, gameplay and story. In the game, the player has no need to give any command to their pets in a battle, and they can select their attacks themselves. The primary objective is to look after his pets and feed them regularly to raise. Once they grow up, then the player has to teach them how to fight. There are different types of Demigods to select and take care. The game becomes challenging as the player advances. With superb features, attractive sounds, and brilliant graphics, Digimon World Championship is the best game to play and enjoy.

#3 Monster Rancher DS


Monster Rancher DS is an addictive, Exploration, Single and Multiplayer Life Simulation created by Cing and published by Tecmo for the Nintendo DS. The game revolving around raising, breeding and fighting monsters. The game lets you get into the role of the unseen protagonist and includes a menu options through this you can choose your actions. It has two different procedures for monster creating such as you can draw a picture of the monster in the field of magic using touchscreen and recruit using a microphone. You’ll discover a new monster by combining two different monsters. Train your monsters and see how it grows and convert into a legend. Take part in tournaments to fight against other players with your monster and defeat them to earn money. The game includes a series of challenging levels each offers different gameplay. Explore the game world, earn money and use them to unlock further content in the game. There are different monsters, and each monster has its unique powers, skills, and abilities. Monster Rancher DS offers enhanced mechanics, addictive gameplay and superb mechanics. Try it out.