Midway Arcade Origins


Games Like Midway Arcade Origins for PS4

#1 Sega Genesis Collection


Sega Genesis Collection is a Single-player and Multiplayer compilation of video games developed by Digital Eclipse and published by Sega for PlayStation. The collection comes with up to 28 Sega Genesis video games from a set of genres, as well as unlockable titles of Arcade games. It serves as a sequel to Ultimate Genesis Collection released by Sonic for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Altered Beast, Columns, Comix Zone, Decap Attack, Golden Axe III, etc. are prominent gaming titles to experience the traditional gameplay of several genres. The compilation offers the original gameplay and allows the player to complete a set of levels in each one to advance. Additional content will be unlocked as the player completes a set of objectives for achievements. Sonic the Hedgehog game lets the player experience the side-scrolling fast-paced running game, in which the player controls the protagonist to defeat the boss to save the cute chickens. With unlockable extra games, Sega Genesis Titles, Both Modes, and more.