Midway Arcade Origins


Games Like Midway Arcade Origins for PS3

#1 Intellivision Lives!


Intellivision Lives! is a Single-player and Multiplayer video game compilation for Nintendo DS, Xbox, PlayStation 2, and Windows, developed by Intellivision Productions. A sequel was released in the year 2001, Intellivision Rocks, with thirty party games published by Imagic and Activision. The collection consists of several games such as Bomb Squad, Racing Cars, Pinball, SNAFU, Armor Battle, Biplanes, Battle Tanks, and more. Each game comes with as its original setting as it was released in that time for Arcade platform. In sports games, the player will experience soccer with friends, tennis, volleyball, and motocross to show off his epic abilities. Sports games take place in a stunning environment, and each starts with the character selection and customization mode. The soccer games include licenses such as NFL, NASL, Major League Baseball, the Electric Company, and more. The aim of the player is the same to make points by performing the tasks assigned by the game to advance. Intellivision Lives! Includes prominent features, several games, and more.