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69 Games Like Gardens Inc 4: Blooming Stars

Gardens Inc 4: Blooming Stars is an Action, Time-Management, Strategy and Single-player video game with farming element developed by GameHouse. The game lets you a chance to create an exciting garden of your dream, in which you can grow different plants, trees and flowers around the world. Explore the world to gather resources and accomplish your task within time limit. Join an adventure and become a TV star to level-up. The game combines the elements of Management and Hidden Objects. It puts you on an adventure with Mike and Jill, who are working on their TV show to raise the money for charity. You must complete forty-five challenging levels within hundred days. To earn experience points to have to complete all levels, in which you must overcome obstacles, find hidden objects and more. Gardens Inc 4: Blooming Stars includes core features such as Decoration, Coin Frenzy, Overcome Obstacles, Manage Resources and Time, and more. Try it out, and you’ll enjoy it.

17. Achron

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Achron is an amazingly engaging and addictive Meta-Time Strategy (RTS with Time-Travel) video game. The game lets you choose and customize your character from a number of choices and lets you be an Exiled Achron who lives in hundreds of years in future with all the human populace. Exploration of…

30. Airport Mania: First Flight

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Airport Mania: First Flight is an immersive Single-player Flight Simulation developed and published by Lemon Team. The game offers an exciting gameplay that you have never played before and introduces over eight different airports. It takes place in the superb world and consists of up to fifty-six challenging levels. In…
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