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82 Games Like Diner Dash

Diner Dash, a Strategy and Time Management game is all about a girl named Flo who gets tired of her job at DinerTown and decides to quit. After Quitting the job she opens up her own diner on a run down place that shy buys and refurbishes it and starts running it. After collecting some profits, she opens up a restaurant named as Flo’s Tiki and starts running it too. With more profits coming in, Flo decides to open up a seaside Diner named as Go With The Flo, keeps on running it for some time and after getting huge profits, she finally opens up a big new restaurant named as Chez Flo’s and keeps on working hard. Your task is to simply be Flo and do all kinds of things that Flo does such as wait tables, Guide and serve the customers, get the money and save it to progress to the next game level or to buy more appliances for your restaurant etc. With all the amazing restaurant routine, amazing things to do, Diner Dash offers a realistic experience of owning a restaurant or Diner and it lets you enjoy almost everything in the game. Diner Dash offers beautiful visuals, cool game mechanics and an addictive gameplay to enjoy.

11. Restaurant City

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Restaurant City is a free-to-play, Massively Multiplayer Online, Virtual World and Fantasy-based Simulation available to play on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS, and Social Platform Facebook. It offers an exciting gameplay for kids and mixes the elements of the building, decoration, and interaction. It lets you design your…

16. Airport Mania: First Flight

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Airport Mania: First Flight is an immersive Single-player Flight Simulation developed and published by Lemon Team. The game offers an exciting gameplay that you have never played before and introduces over eight different airports. It takes place in the superb world and consists of up to fifty-six challenging levels. In…

34. Nanny Mania 2

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Nanny Mania 2 is a Strategy, Time Management and Single-player video game for Microsoft Windows. The female protagonist Emma is back in action, but this time she comes back as the nanny for the celebrities and the Hollywood couple. The game puts you in the experience of the nanny who…

39. Achron

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Achron is an amazingly engaging and addictive Meta-Time Strategy (RTS with Time-Travel) video game. The game lets you choose and customize your character from a number of choices and lets you be an Exiled Achron who lives in hundreds of years in future with all the human populace. Exploration of…

44. Gardens Inc 4: Blooming Stars

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Gardens Inc 4: Blooming Stars is an Action, Time-Management, Strategy and Single-player video game with farming element developed by GameHouse. The game lets you a chance to create an exciting garden of your dream, in which you can grow different plants, trees and flowers around the world. Explore the world…
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