Desert Child


Games Like Desert Child for Nintendo DS

#1 Elite Forces: Unit 77


Elite Forces: Unit 77 developed and published by Gammick Entertainment is an Action-Adventure, Real-time Tactics, Strategy and Military-based video game for Nintendo DS. The game supports both Single and Multiplayer modes and takes place in the fictional world. It cast you in the role of the officer and lets you command a team of four specialists such as Bill Matic (Hacker), Kendra Chase (the Sniper), T.K Richter (The Explosive expert), and Dag Hamer (the Green Beret). Control your team throughout a variety of missions, drive military tanks and trucks, locate explosives, defuse mines and rescue hostage to progress through the game. The game rewards you with experience points that can be used to enhance your character abilities. Explore the world from isometric view and conquer the enemies’ bases. You can command a single soldier or can lead a team to fulfill your objectives and become the ultimate officer. Elite Forces: Unit 77 offers core features such as a variety of Missions, Tactical Elements, detailed Environment, Exploration, Military Vehicles and Weapons, etc. Elite Forces: Unit 77 is the best game for hardcore players.