Desert Child


Games Like Desert Child on Steam

#1 Steam Squad


Steam Squad takes place in the World War I setting and deals with Strategy, Turn-based Tactics, and Wargame gameplay elements developed and published by Bretwalda Games for Multiple Platforms. The game comes with both Single-player and Multiplayer modes, and it set at the alternate universe with steampunk details. There are three superpower teams of the world available such as the Holy Roman Empires, Britain, and Tianxia, from which the player needs to define his one to start the game. Each team in the game has up to eight units fully-loaded with machinery and guns of the times of World War I, which the player uses to complete thirty tactical missions. In the game, the player can be asked to conquer an area, protect a person, and struggle to sabotage, etc. During the gameplay, the player needs to arm his team according to the selected strategy, pick up the right units, armoury and ammunition for the mission. To become successful, the player has to command his units in a smart way to domination all the rival nations. If you want to test your strategy skills, then you should play this game.