Dead Space

Games Like Dead Space for Xbox One

#1 Alien: Isolation


Alien: Isolation is one of the best Action-Adventure and Horror-Survival, Stealth and Shooter video game. The game offers a similar gaming experience to System Shock 2 video game and allows you to be the protagonist Amanda Ripley who embarks on a journey to find her mother Ellen Ripley and on her way to the secrets, she encounters the otherworldly aliens, engages into amazing combats with them on a space station named as Sevastopol. She gets trapped on the station and the only way out is to fight all the aliens, kill them using the advanced tech weapons and gadgets, eventually complete the game objectives. Alien: Isolation offers a huge arsenal of weapons at your disposal, a wonderful setting and story-line along with brilliant visuals and an addictive game-play to enjoy.

#2 The Evil Within


The Evil Within is a wonderful Horror-Survival, Action-Adventure and Third-person Shooter video game that takes this specific genre to a whole new level. The game lets you be Sebastian Castellanos, a skilled detective who is haunted by a cloaked and mysterious entity with immense paranormal powers. Set in a type of apocalyptic open world, The Evil Within lets you scavenge for items like medical supplies, food, weapons etc. and allows you to unfold the mysteries that are directly connected to the entity haunting you. Enemies in the game are equally equipped as yourself and because of that the combats in the game are quite action-packed and to properly dispose of the enemies, you must be skilled enough to survive. With a huge arsenal of weapons but limited ammunition, amazing abilities to master, various types of enemies to combat with and a great story to follow along with wonderful visual details and an engaging game-play, The Evil Within is one of the best Third Person, Action-Adventure and Survival video game to play and enjoy.

#3 Outlast


Outlast is a First-person Action-Adventure and Horror-Survival video game, developed and published by Red Barrels. This Psyche-horror game set in psychiatric hospital and features Miller Upshur as a patient of the above mentioned hospital who is incapable of any combat but knows about how to clear his way. With only a camcorder and a notebook in his inventory, he tries to get out of the facility and on his way out he faces the most unbelievable and unearthly hazards. Crawling and sliding through the vents, he carries on, on his way and gets followed by some really bizarre and strange beings, all trying to kill hm. Dodging all of the difficulties he continues his effort and finally gets out of the asylum but only to find out that he never actually is free yet. The twisted story and events of the game make you think like being a patient of the asylum too. You are forced to think like Miles and all the fears seem to be so real that you feel something crawling on your back. Play the game and feel the creepiness if you like playing games packed with Horror and Survival elements. You’ll definitely like it.

#4 The Evil Within 2


The Evil Within 2 is the sequel to The Evil Within video game, released in 2014 developed by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda Softworks. The game is a mix of Action-Adventure, Horror-Survival and Single-player video game available to play on multiple platforms. It offers a thrilling story and starts after the events at Beacon Mental Hospital. According to the plot, the protagonist has left the Krimson City Police Department to unearth the secret about the organization known as MOBIUS, but continuously haunted by his experience at Beacon, the death of his beloved daughter, and the disappearance of his wife. The gameplay is similar to its predecessor and it puts the player in the role of the protagonist, a detective named as Sebastian Castellanos, who must jump into the brutal world to find and save his daughter named as Lily. The player navigates the environment from a third-person perspective, interact with landscape and objects to find information about the quests and can accomplish the requirements of each task to progress through the story. The game features a crafting system, enabling the player to collect resources to craft new items like ammo. With brilliant mechanics, and superb graphics, The Evil Within 2 is the best game to play.

#5 Metro: 2033


Metro: 2033 is a Hardcore Action-Adventure, Horror-Survival and First-person Shooter video game and a direct sequel to Metro last Light. The game is set in a Post-Apocalyptic era and takes you to the city of Moscow, Russia. Once again you’ll play as Artyom and your task is to survive and save the humanity from the reign of mutant creatures and their sudden deadly attacks. In order to complete the tasks, you’ll have to scavenge an open world for items like food, weapons, ammunition and medical supplies, fight against the mutants using different weapons in close and long distance combats and survive until every one of the enemies is killed or is neutralized in any other way possible. With an amazing game-play similar to its predecessors and Fallout series games, a great story to follow, ultra-realistic visuals and an amazingly realistic game setting, Metro 2033 is a great Action, horror, Survival and First Person Shooter video game to play and enjoy. Do try it out.

#6 Halo 2


Halo 2 is an Action, Exploration, FPS (First-person Shooter), Single and Multiplayer video game for hardcore players who love playing challenging and shooting games. It is the second entry in the series of Halo developed by Bungie and published by Microsoft Game Studios. The game introduces new vehicles, multiplayer maps, and weapons and puts the player into the role of the Master Chief during the 26th century. The story focuses on two factions fighting against each other named United Nation Space Command and Covenant. The player can use the mixture of alien and human vehicles and weapon to progress throughout the game. It has a variety of levels, and each comprises a set of enemies, objectives, and weapons. The health bar of the player is not visible, but the player is loaded with a shield that refills the power when the player is not taking fire. He can use melee weapons and attacks as well as grenades to take down enemies. With enhanced mechanics, addictive gameplay, and superb mechanics, Halo 2 is the wonderful game to play and enjoy.

#7 Halo Infinite 2020


Halo Infinite 2020 is an Adventure, Shooting, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by 343 Industries. Throughout the game, the player takes on the role of an unnamed protagonist where the main mission is to explore the world and kill enemies roaming around. While inspecting the world, the player views the environment from the first-person perspective.

The game has plenty of weapons where the player can unlock all the best weapons one after another. On the other hand, the player has a watch-type bracelet that allows him to view the game map anytime and identify the dangers. The screen gets red when the player receives damage from the opponent’s side. The player must maintain his health as it is the main asset to be in action.

#8 Doom


Doom or stylized as DOOM is the remake of the 1993’s top hit DOOM video game. Developed by the ID Software, DOOM is a Sci-Fi First-person Shooter video game that lets you be an unnamed marine, who goes on to fight against the demonic monsters as the hell gets unleashed by a mega-corporation named as Union Aerospace Corporation, located on planet Mars. As compared to the original DOOM game, this one offers faster gameplay based upon a number of open-ended game levels, Snap Map feature, Horror and Survival element, etc. Doom offers a unique environment, loads of cool character upgrades, new weapons and various types of enemies along with Multiplayer mode support. The game is set on the premises of a research facility on Planet Mars, owned by the Union Aerospace Corporation. The director of the UAC is named as Samuel Hayden whose brain gets transferred to an android after an accident. The basic goal of the UAC is to harness the energy of Hell to solve the global energy crisis using the Argent Tower that Harnesses Energy and opens up Portals on both ends (Hell and Mars) as well. Hayden leads a number of expeditions to hell and brings various artifacts and captive demons to the surface and in an attempt, he brings back the “Doom Slayer”. Meanwhile, a corrupt scientist makes a pact with the demons and lets them loose in the facility that results in Chaos. With no options at all, Hayden releases the Main character of the game, The Doom Slayer to help kill the demons and closes the portal. Now it is your task to control the Doom Slayer’s character, fight your way through hordes of hellish demon enemies, descend down to hell and steal the powerful and magical blade known as “The Crucible” and use it to destroy the Power source of the Portal and save the world. With a variety of multiple new aspects in the gameplay, beautifully written game story and an epic gameplay plus the great visuals, enhanced mechanics, and easy controls, Doom (2016) is one amazing FPS video game to play and enjoy.

#9 Halo: Reach


Halo: Reach is an interesting, Action-Adventure, FPS (First-person Shooter), Sci-fi, Single and Multiplayer video game developed by Bungie and published by Microsoft Games Studios. The game takes place in the futuristic year 2552, where human are trapped in a war with the alien races known as a covenant. You can assume the role of the main protagonist named as Nobel Six, who is a member of an elite SuperSoldier Squad. The game provides you with fast-paced and action-packed gameplay and lets you immerse yourself in First-person Perspective experience. You as the protagonist must fight against the races of aliens and rescue your world and its inhabitant. You can use a huge variety of advanced weapons. The game consists of various levels and each level having their own set of objectives that you complete in order to progress and move your character into the next level. You can earn skill points by defeating vicious aliens and can use them to buy new weapons, upgrades, and other outfits for your character. Halo: Reach offers addictive and quite engaging gameplay, brilliant mechanics, stunning visuals details and exciting story. Halo: Reach is one of the best game as compared to other Action, FPS games. Try it out.

#10 Halo 3: ODST


Halo 3: ODST is a Single and Multiplayer First-person Shooter video game created by Bungie and published by Microsoft Game Studios. It is an exciting title in the franchise of Halo and enables the player to take on the role of the United Nations Space Command soldier, called ODSTs (Orbital Drop Shock Troopers). In Campaign Mode, the player has to navigate the demolished city of New Mombasa to find out your teammates on the planet of aliens. In Multiplayer mode, the player has to battle against challenging waves of foes to earn scores and struggle to survive as long as possible. The player acts as the protagonist and can explore the world from the first-person perspective and attempts to fulfill his missions to earn points. Various weapons available in the game to use and the player can upgrade them all using his experience points. As the player becomes experienced, the level difficulty will be increased. Halo 3: ODST includes prominent features such as Detailed Environment, addictive Gameplay, powerful Foes, and more. Try it out, and you’ll enjoy it.

#11 Friday the 13th: The Game


Friday the 13th: The Game is an Action-Adventure, Horror-Survival, and Third-person Exploration video game created by IllFonic and published by Gun Media. The game comes with both Single-player and Multiplayer modes and offers a stunning gameplay based on the film franchise of the same name. It focuses on asymmetrical multiplayer gameplay, allowing up to seven players controlling the Camp Crystal Lake counselors while one player guiding the antagonist named as Jason Voorhees. It consists of semi-open world, where the player explore the world and interact with each other. The primary task of the player controlled the Jason Voorhees to kill as many councilors as possible to progress through the game. During the gameplay, the player get access to special abilities including sense nearby counselors and can teleport anywhere in the world where the player want. The task of the counselors is to fulfill the objectives that will let the players to escape from the camp. There are more than 12 counselors available to choose from including Adam Palomino, A.J. Mason, Chad Kensington, Deborah Kim, and more. With thrilling gameplay, stunning graphics, and smooth controls, Friday the 13th: The Game is the incredible heart-pumping game for those, who love playing horror-survival games.

#12 Dead Effect 2


Dead Effect 2 is an Action, Shooting, and Single-player video game takes place in a beautiful environment and lets you engage yourself in action gameplay. The game is developed by App Holdings for Android and iOS, delivering console-quality sound and graphics. According to the plot, the vicious nightmare isn’t over yet. Evil creatures have come back once again to invade the environment. It offers the perfect mix of science-fiction and action gameplay with role-playing elements. The game enables you to challenge yourself in the game’s storyline and use tons of upgradable weapons, high-tech body implants, and gear to take down enemies. In the breathtaking environment, you will experience the realistic effects and choose one of three different personalities to jump into the game. Each character has a unique storyline, personality, and special skills. More than forty upgradable weapons will never let you give up, and the elaborate system of achievements make your gaming experience more engaging. Dead Effect 2 includes other core features such as Character Training and Development, over 40 Upgradable Weapons, Special Missions to complete, and more.

#13 Resident Evil 4


Resident Evil 4 is a Horror-Survival video game for those players who love playing Horror-filled games. It combines the elements of Action, Shooter and Zombie developed and published by Capcom. The game supports Single-player mode only, and it is the 6th entry in the series of Resident Evil. The story focuses on the special agent of the US government named Leon S. Kennedy, who is a female and sent on an epic mission to save Ashley Graham, the daughter of US President who is kidnapped by a sinister cult. The game takes place in the rural area of Spain and casts you in the role of the protagonist and lets you fight against hordes of violent villagers. You explore the world from a third-person perspective and can use different weapons to slaughter foes. It centers on the action, shooting and massive crowds of foes in open-ended areas. There are several missions, and you have to complete each one to gain access to new weapons, by gathering enough experience points and use them to get upgrades. Resident Evil 4 includes key features such as Global Leaderboards, Customization Controls, Challenging Missions and more. Try it out, and you’ll enjoy it.

#14 Evolve


Evolve is an Action, FPS (First-person Shooter), Single and Multiplayer video game created by Turtle Rock Studios and published by 2K Games. The game takes place on an alien planet known as Shear and introduces asymmetrical multiplayer features where five players can complete each other, four as hunters and one as the vicious monsters. The hunter can explore the game world from the first-person view while the monster can play as third-person. There are a variety of complex missions, and the game lets the player select his side and jump into a challenging environment where he has to accomplish his objectives to score the highest points. The main objective of the hunter is to team-up with is fellows and fight against monsters and defeat them using advanced weapons. It includes new features such as Stage 2, 4v1, Hunt with Fellows, Beast of Prey, Savage Planet, Character Customization and more. With superb gameplay, addictive visuals, well-written story, and brilliant mechanics, Evolve is the best game to play and enjoy.

#15 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege


Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is an Action-Adventure, FPS, Tactical, Strategy, Co-op, Single and Multiplayer video game created and published by Ubisoft. In this game, the player can control an operator from the rainbow team who is fighting against the terrorist. At the beginning of the game, the player can choose his unique character that is full of weapons and gear to get into the game world. The game offers various character, and each character has its own unique abilities and skills. It also allows the player to changes his character in during the gameplay. The ultimate task of the player explores the different maps and encounter all the enemy creatures. The game offers more than eleven maps and five different gameplay modes such as Situations, Secure Hunt, Bombs, Hostage and Terrorist Hunt. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege includes core features such as both indoor and outdoor environment, tactical elements, various upgrades beautiful background music, massive game world, power-ups and other exciting things. With enhanced game mechanics, immersive and quite engaging gameplay and brilliant visual, superb game sitting. It is one of the best Action-Adventure, FPS, Tactical, Strategy, Co-op, Single and Multiplayer video game to play and enjoy.