Dead Space

Games Like Dead Space for Linux

#1 System Shock 2


System Shock 2, a great Action, RPG and a First-Person Shooter and Horror Survival video game developed by Irrational Games in association with Looking Glass Studios and published by Electronic Arts EA for PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac OS X and Linux platforms. The game takes place in a revolutionary spaceship in the year 2114 and features the character of a soldier who struggles to cure a deadly infection that is infecting the ship with every passing minute. The infection gets boosted up in speed in the presence of the enemies who spread it, the protagonist picks up his gear and engages in heavy gunfights and combats with them to save the ship and engages in melee combats using the melee weapons and techniques as well. System Shock 2 features dynamic 3D graphics, a well-written story-line and a game-play filled with destructively thrilling and quite addicting action adventure and role playing elements. Play this game and you’ll definitely enjoy it a lot.

#2 Metro: 2033


Metro: 2033 is a Hardcore Action-Adventure, Horror-Survival and First-person Shooter video game and a direct sequel to Metro last Light. The game is set in a Post-Apocalyptic era and takes you to the city of Moscow, Russia. Once again you’ll play as Artyom and your task is to survive and save the humanity from the reign of mutant creatures and their sudden deadly attacks. In order to complete the tasks, you’ll have to scavenge an open world for items like food, weapons, ammunition and medical supplies, fight against the mutants using different weapons in close and long distance combats and survive until every one of the enemies is killed or is neutralized in any other way possible. With an amazing game-play similar to its predecessors and Fallout series games, a great story to follow, ultra-realistic visuals and an amazingly realistic game setting, Metro 2033 is a great Action, horror, Survival and First Person Shooter video game to play and enjoy. Do try it out.

#3 Dead Island


Dead Island developed and published by Techland and Deep Silver is an Action, RPG, Shooting and Horror Survival video game. The game is set in a zombie-infested open world where you get into the role of the protagonist who struggles to survive by fighting off hordes of zombies and engages in combats using melee techniques, melee weapons and different kinds of guns. Dead Island features a game-play with a first person perspective in which the protagonist roams in an open world, completes different quests, and gathers XP (Experience points) by killing the enemies to buy upgrades, weapons and different skills etc. Dead Island provides with a thrilling game-play, a well-written storyline, state of the art graphics along with single and multiplayer gaming modes. Built using Chrome Engine 5, Dead Island is available to play on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Linux gaming platforms.

#4 We Were Here


We Were Here is a Psychological Horror, Adventure, First-person Perspective, and Puzzle video game with VR (Virtual Reality) element developed and published by Total Mayhem Games. The game introduces both Single-player and Online Multiplayer mode in the stimulating environment. It comes with a compelling storyline, in which the player as the protagonist lost in the frozen wasteland and split up from his friend inside an abandoned castle. There is an only a single source to communicate with his partner is walkie-talkie with a familiar voice. The ultimate task of the player is to find a way out as soon as possible within time limit. The game acts as the free pilot episode in the series of co-op standalone puzzle-based adventures. Two characters are stuck inside the castle, with one of two players confined to a small part of the castle while other players explore the castle’s halls to find the player one in the game. Every room challenges the wits and ability of the player to communicate, using only voice. We Were Here includes prominent features such as Atmospheric Setting, Challenging Puzzles, Intriguing Environment, and more. Check it out, and have fun.

#5 The Darkness 2


The Darkness 2 is a wonderful FPS, RPG and Psychological Horror-Survival video game by Digital Extremes. You’ll have to control the character of Jackie Estacado, the leader of the Franchetti Criminal Family. Your task is to act as Jackie Estacado, use your Dark powers against the rival gang that recently attacked you, eliminate them and enjoy engaging yourself into amazingly haunting and psychological horror filled game-play. Exploration, artifacts and items collection, amazingly blasting enemy encounters and the deep prowess of dark powers makes this game more and more involving as you further flow with the story-line. With a great dark setting, unbelievably stressing situations, and your ability to cater with the problems, hardcore encounters with the bizarre creatures and enemies, loads of cool weapons to shoot down the enemies, super fine and dramatic event depictions, eye-catching visuals and a brilliant story, The Darkness 2 is one amazing game to play and enjoy.

#6 Unreal Tournament


Unreal Tournament is the 9th entry in the franchise of Unreal and the first main installment in the series of Unreal Tournament 3 released in 2007. The game is a mix of First-person Shooter, Exploration and Combat elements and has both Single and Multiplayer modes. It takes place in the stunning environment populated with enemies equipped with heavy weapons. It offers realistic world and allows you get into the role of the protagonist and take part in different modes to take down foes and gain experience such as Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Duel, Showdown, and more. Explore the game world from first-person perspective and guide your character throughout a variety of levels to accomplish the objectives. The character is capable of jumping, running, and shooting enemies. As the game proceed, other areas will be unlocked to manipulate. Collect power-ups during exploration and use them to enhance the power of the character and upgrade the weapons. With wonderful visual details, exciting gameplay, and brilliant mechanics, Unreal Tournament is the best game to play and enjoy.