Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces


Games Like Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces for Xbox One

#1 Cities: Skylines


Cities: Skylines is a wonderful City Building, Management and massively Multiplayer online Real-Time Strategy Simulation packed with new and improved gameplay mechanics and elements and it tends to entertain you with all the provided thrill and hardships of creating and managing a whole city. The game basically assesses your abilities of being a good Manager, Builder, Crafter, etc. all at once and throws various hardcore challenges at yourself to improve your abilities and ultimately be a great Building and Management Mogul, rule the businesses and, build and create new technologies and take it to a whole new level of entertainment. With awesome visual details, great game-play options, addictive nature, a lot to build and manage and Strategically grow your Economics, Relations and defenses, Cities: Skyline is a great City-building, Management, MMO, RTS simulation to enjoy. Try it out if you really want to enjoy an amazing experience of all the beautiful combination of various elements, you’ll love it for sure.