Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces


Games Like Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces for Xbox 360

#1 Supreme Commander 2


Supreme Commander 2 is a wonderful RTS (Real time Strategy) and tactical War-Based MMO video game developed by Gas Powered Games. Supreme Commander 2 focuses on the character of Dominic Maddox who works for the UEF (United Earth Federation). The federation grows conflicts with the illuminate and declares them a threat and orders Maddox to eliminate every operative of the illuminate. Maddox refuses to accept the order because of his relations with an Illuminate and goes rogue against the UEF. Supreme Commander 2 consists of three mission campaigns and allows you to take part in the campaigns by completing one and unlocking the next. You as Maddox must act according to the storyline and instead of going to the mission assigned by UEF, you must go on your own Mission Campaign to kill your own former commanding officer and his forces. After the first campaign finishes the next campaign gets unlocked and you can act as the story of the game suggests. Supreme Commander 2 lets you strategize your moves by giving you the tactical advantage over your enemies. The game allows you to select a location on the game map and be a commander, build different structures Factories, Power Houses, Research Facilities, train Land, Air and Sea troops and build facilities according to their requirements, gather up resources and wage massive wars against your enemies to defeat them and conquer their settlements. The destruction of enemy research facilities and experimental units provides you with better tactical advantages so make them your primary targets. Supreme Commander 2 is an amazingly addictive and quite engaging video game that offers beautifully created visuals, a great story and an immersive game-play to enjoy. Do try it out for a great Strategy and Tactical gaming experience.