Bomber 3D


Games Like Bomber 3D for Xbox One

#1 Crawl


Crawl is a Single-player and Multiplayer Brawler video game developed and published by Powerhoof for multiple platforms. The game takes place in the randomly generated dungeons and focuses on Dungeon Crawling elements where the player’s friends control the traps and monsters. The player must fight through procedurally generated dungeons full of hideous beasts and cruel traps, controlled by other players. The game is played between four players and bots in Local Multiplayer modes where the player serves as the hero while remaining players control the spirits and monsters in the environment with a job to kill the player who is a hero and replace his place. It is the unique blend of a brawler, bullet hell, and rogue-like elements for up to four-player and bots. The monster player who slays the human hero swaps roles to become the next hero in the game. The game rewards the player with experience points as they advance through dungeons in both the non-human spirit roles and the human hero. Crawl includes core features such as Turbo Charged Role-playing, 60 Unique Monsters, Dungeon Crawling, and more. Try it out, and you’ll love it.