Bomber 3D


Games Like Bomber 3D for Nintendo Wii

#1 Binary Land


Binary Land is a Puzzle, Top-down, Action and Single-player video game developed and published by Hudson Soft. It offers exciting gameplay that you have never experienced before. In the game, you have to control two penguins, one female and one male, through top-down vertical stages. Both penguins are in love with each other and must be reunited. The game starts with two penguins on opposite sides, separated by bricks, walls and other challenging obstacles. During the gameplay, you can control one of two penguins at the time, while the other penguin repeats the same moment as the controlled penguin perform, but in the opposite direction. There are a variety of levels with increasing difficulties, and each level is full of puzzle, obstacles and enemies. Your goal is to reach the top of each level in a way that both penguins reach to the square at the same time, coming from opposite directions. Spiders (the enemies) will put a web as the obstacle on your way or attack to kill the penguins. It has multiple power-ups, appeared randomly on the stages. With immersive gameplay, superb mechanics, and brilliant graphics, Binary Land is the best game to play and enjoy.