Amnesia: The Dark Descent


Games Like Amnesia: The Dark Descent for Nintendo Wii U

#1 ZombiU


ZombiU takes you to an amazing Action-Adventure, Horror Survival and Shooter gaming experience that you cannot have playing a lot of other games of the same genre. Developed specifically for Wii U platforms, this game is thrown into the markets by Ubisoft Montpellier and Ubsoft to provide you with a marvelous piece of art. The game is set in London and features the protagonist as a survivor of a zombie outbreak. The only objective of the game for you is to scavenge for the Shelter, Food and Water, Weapons and Medicines to survive and fight back your enemies. The game lets you choose any character for yourself in the game and if you die, you’ll be re-spawned into a new characters appearance. ZombiU allows you to learn and evolve into the environment by developing different skills and survival techniques until you reach the Safe Zone. Once you reach the safe zone, the game concludes. ZombiU is probably one of the best games of this specific genre as compared to a lot of other titles. You should totally check it out.


#2 Lone Survivor


Lone Survivor is a Post-apocalyptic, Horror-Survival, and Single-player video game created and published by Superflat Games for multiple platforms. The game comes with 2D Retro-style graphics, in which you controls the nameless protagonist, following the instruction and the directions offered by the apparent hallucinations of the character. While exploring the environment of the game, you’ll discover keys, items, and food. The use of each key and items must be determined to solve the tricky puzzles in the game. You as the protagonist must explore the world, interact with object, and struggle to complete the requirement of each mission to advance through the game. The game looks easy but hard to master. You controls a man in a surgical mask, who is a survivor. According to the story, an unknown infection has transformed the population of the world into shambling and aggressive mutants. You have limited supplies and you must survive as long as possible to become the master. With terrifying gameplay, enhanced mechanics, and detailed graphics, Lone Survivor is the best game to play.

#3 Don’t Starve


Don’t Starve, developed by Klei Entertainment is an Action-Adventure, Survival and Roguelike video game. The story features a Scientist named as Wilson who finds himself in a very dark and eerie place. In his struggle to survive, Don’t Starve tasks you to help Wilson keep him fed, healthy and mentally stable while avoiding various types of supernatural enemies who want to kill him. To add more depth to the gameplay, Don’t Starve offers Adventure mode that tasks the players to go against the Antagonist Maxwell and defeat him in epic encounters. The game offers Point and Click based combat in the game and allows you to be able to survive for as long as possible, keep on progressing throughout the gameplay by earning experience points and using upgrades such as Meat Effigy, life Giving Amulet and Touch Stone etc. Don’t Starve offers brilliant story and environments, fantastic game visuals and an immersive gameplay to enjoy.