Amnesia: The Dark Descent


Games Like Amnesia: The Dark Descent for Nintendo Wii

#1 Ju-On: The Grudge


Ju-On: The Grudge is a Horror-Survival and Single-player video game developed by Feelplus and published by AQ Interactive for Nintendo Wii. The storyline focuses on the family that recently moved into the cursed house. Several family members are playable in the game and each story is played from a perspective of the member being played in scenarios known as Episodes. The player uses the Wii remote to direct the flashlight of the playable character, rather than using the infrared functionality of the controller. In the game, the player is forced not to remain in similar place for long time or move too slowly to save his/her life. There are five stages available takes place in different atmospheres such as the mannequin factory, the hospital, a warehouse, etc. and each stage offers the set of objectives to accomplish. The game describes that the whenever person dies with a burning grudge, causing the birth of curse. In Run-down Factory, the family of Erika moves into the Saeki house. The family dog named as Ivy runs off into a factory and the protagonist decides to venture into the abandoned factory to find his/her dog. Each episodes comes with a cast of characters and a variety of challenges that the player must complete while experiencing the horror gameplay.


#2 Cursed Mountain


Cursed Mountain comes with Action-Adventure, Horror-Survival, and Third-person elements, developed by Sproing Interactive Media and published by Deep Silver. The game has Single-player mode only and it is available to play on Nintendo Wii. It mainly revolves around a mountaineer, who are looking for his lost brother in the Himalayas. The environment of the game takes place in the late 1980s, due to lack of technology, the entire game’s course takes place on the mountain, known as Cholomolonzo. The protagonist named as Eric Simmons, is summed to climb the mountain in the Himalayas. According to the plot, the mountain is populated by Sherpas. As the storyline advances, the player discovers that his brother has gone missing on a mountain after being sent by Edward Bennett to retrieve the Terma, the magical artifact, recently revealed to be the mountain’s top. The combat system of the game comprises encounters with angry souls of climbers and monks who are stuck in Bardo, the spiritual realm. In the game, the player needs to stun foes and make gestures using the Nintendo Wii Remote to free the souls. With brilliant gameplay, compelling storyline, and stunning visuals, Cursed Mountain is the best game to play.


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