8 Games Like Zuma’s Revenge!

Zuma’s Revenge! is a Tilt-Matching, Puzzle, and Single-player video game created and published by PopCap Games. The game offers an exciting gameplay and it acts as the sequel to Zuma. It introduces HD graphics, new power-ups and levels, several new features, and new boss fights. In the game, the player controls a frog from a top-down perspective with an aim to clear each stage from the colored balls. It mainly revolves around Match-3 elements and the player needs to clear the string of rolling balls by matching three or more same color. The player move a ball-shooting frog which always points regardless the direction of the mouse to aim and fire at the strings of balls. When three or more same balls match together, they are vanished from the screen, and nearby balls take their place to fill the space. The game has four modes such as Adventure, Challenge, and more. Each offers a unique gameplay and a set of objectives that the player has to complete at any cost.

1. Zuma Deluxe

Win Mac Amazon
Zuma Deluxe is an enhanced version of the original Match-3 puzzle video game Zuma, developed and published by PopCap Games, Inc. for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS platforms. The objective of the game is to remove all the rolling balls across the screen along with a declared path with other…

2. Marble: Temple Quest

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Marble: Temple Quest is an Adventure, Match-3, and Single-player video game developed and published by Jungle Adventure for Android. The game has two different modes such as Classic and Adventure, and it follows the traditional Match-3 elements. It offers the similar gameplay to Zuma and allows the player to smash…

3. Luxor

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Luxor is a Tilt-Matching, Action Puzzle and Single-player video game developed and published by MumboJumbo. The game serves as the first sequel to Luxor 2, and it introduces new gameplay, bonuses and levels. It offers the similar gameplay to Zuma and Puzz Loop, and lets the player to eliminate colored…

4. Magnetica

DS Wii Amazon
Magnetica, developed by Mitchell Corporation and published by Nintendo is a great Match-3 type Puzzle video game. This match-3, puzzle game is playable only on Nintendo Devices such as Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii. Magnetica features a resembling game-play and graphics to Zuma and lots of other big names of…

5. Sparkle

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Sparkle is a marvelously fast paced Match-3 Puzzle video game developed and published by BigFish Games. This wonderful match 3 puzzle game offers an amazingly addictive Game-play, beautiful environment and sleek mechanics along with beautiful visuals. In the game, player shoots the orbs from orb slinger to pop three or…

6. StoneLoops! Of Jurassica

iOS Win Mac Amazon
StoneLoops! Of Jurassica, created by CodeMinion and published by Game Club Cafe is a fast paced action, Match-3 and Puzzle video game. With multiple language options this game is available to play on  Windows, Apple Macintosh and iOS. StoneLoops! Of Jurassica is a lot like any other Zuma like game…

7. TumbleBugs

Win Mac Wii PS3 Amazon
This fast paced Puzzle and Match-3 game TumbleBugs is developed by Wildfire Studios and published by BigFish games in collaboration with GameHouse. Tumble bugs offers a similar game-play to the Popular Zuma Series and allows you to enjoy an immersive game-play experience. A slight difference is the presence of Bugs…

8. Luxor: Pharaoh’s Challenge

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This super cool Zuma inspired game Luxor:Pharaoh’s Challenge is developed and published by MumboJumbo. Luxor:Pharaoh’s Challenge is a Match-3 type Puzzle and tile or balls matching game. With 3 sequels Luxor 2, Luxor 3 and Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife this game has earned a record profit. Game-play is almost similar…

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