Wonder Tactics


Games Like Wonder Tactics for iOS

#1 Wanna Survive


Wanna Survive lets you experience the Turn-based Tactics video game developed by Pinix for Mobile Devices. The game takes place in the pixel-themed dark world where you find yourself battling against enemies in turn-based battles. It introduces a unique combat system that eliminates the tedious components of traditional Turn-based battle for immersive battles against massive bands of enemies that make their focus on placing units.

The introduction of a diverse cast of characters will appear as you make your way towards North City. During the gameplay, you have to help other survivors avoid death by making decisions in battle and ration management. The game features challenging stages, and each one will gradually change your play style and the approach to strategic components. Wanna Survive includes prominent features such as Ration Management, Delicious Pixel Art, Streamlined Turn-based Combat, and Challenging Stages.