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9 Games Like Wipeout: Create and Crash

Wipeout: Create and Crash is an Action, Sports, and Single-player video game developed by Behaviour Interactive and published by Activision. The game brings the excitements and fun of the famous TV show named Wipeout in your room. It takes place in the 3D environment and includes different contestants. Your goal is to progress throughout a variety of levels as a player and overcome insane obstacles to become the master. Compete against family members and your friends to show off your abilities. Reach the end of the level to become the winner. As the game proceed, other features and obstacles will be unlocked. You need to complete each level within time limit. There are a variety of characters, and some of them are locked. Earn points to unlock compelling characters and costumes to become the superhero and conquer each and every level. Wipeout: Create and Crash includes core features such as Challenging courses, Level Editor, Customization, different Contestant and more. Try it out, and you’ll enjoy it.

1. Wipeout: The Game

Wipeout: The Game is a Puzzle, Party, Single and Multiplayer video game published by Activision. The game offers an exciting gameplay based on a Television Show with the same name. It lets you a chance to compete against family members and friends in up to fifty insane obstacles from the…

3. Big Ball Wipeout

Android iOS
Big Ball Wipeout is an Adventure, Platform, and Single-player video game created by MyPocketGames for Android and iOS platforms. The game takes place in the 3D world and offers a variety of challenging courses filled with insane obstacles. There is a variety of challenging missions and a set of contestants.…

5. Stuntman Runner Water Park 3D

Stuntman Runner Water Park 3D released for Android by Green Chilli Studios is an Action, Platform, and Single-player Simulation. It offers an exciting gameplay and combines the elements of Puzzle, Platform and Stuntman Runner. It includes a brilliant environment filled with challenging courses where the game takes place. To jump…

6. Amazing Run 3D

Amazing Run 3D is a mix of Sports, Platform, Side-scroll and Action elements created by Words Mobile for Android. It is an Adventure, Action Game show with realistic Physics elements. There are different characters available and you can select one of them. Each character has its unique personality. The game…

7. Legendary Stuntman Run

Legendary Stuntman Run is a Fast-paced, Adventure, Platform and Single-player video game developed by Tapinator, Inc. for Android platform. The game cast you in the role of the legendary stuntman and lets you race against time in the challenging obstacle course competition. It takes place in the superb world and…

8. Amazing Adventure Run 3D

Android iOS
Amazing Adventure Run 3D is an Adventure, Side-Scroll, Platform and Single-player video game available to play on Android and iOS platforms. The game takes place in the stunning world filled with challenging obstacles and introduces a variety of characters. Select your character and participate in different matches to show off…

9. Oopstacles

Android iOS
Oopstacles is an Arcade, Puzzle and Single-player video game with mechanical obstacles like Wipeout developed and published by Crystal Pug. The game is available to play on mobile platforms such as Android, and IOS and takes place in the beautiful world. There are a variety of levels, and the game…

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