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24 Games Like Wii Sports Club

Wii Sports Club is a Single and Multiplayer Sports Simulation published by Nintendo and developed by Bandai Namco Studios. The game takes place in the 3D environment and focuses on multiple sports simulations such as Ten-pin Bowling, Boxing, Golf, Baseball, Tennis and more. There are exciting playable characters available, and each character offers its unique ability and personality. In the first, the player needs to choose his or her character and dive into the world where he or she can play his favorite sports game against an online player or AI controlled characters. During the gameplay, the player can join various communities, representing different region around the world, and compete online with other members of the club. Once the player selects the group, the game locks the player for next 24 hours to create a sense of community. Wii Sports Club offers fantastic features such as Play Online, Join a Club, Improve your Skills, Build Clubs, Purchase Items, and more. Try it out, and you’ll love it.

1. Elf Bowling

Win Amazon
Elf Bowling is a Sports, Bowling, and Single-player video game developed and published by NStorm in 1998. The game offers an exciting gameplay and lets the player assume the role of the Santa Claus, and struggle to knock down all elves who are maintained like pins. There are a series…

4. Ten Pin Alley

Vita PS3 PSP Amazon
Ten Pin Alley is a Single and Multiplayer Sports Simulation focuses on Ten-Pin Bowling elements developed by Adrenalin Entertainment and published by Electronics for PlayStation platform. The game lets the player participate in multiple modes to play such as Single-player, Multiplayer, Practice, and Tournament. The player needs to choose his…

7. RocketBowl

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RocketBowl (also known as RocketBowl Plus) is an Action, Ten-pin Bowling, Single and Multiplayer video game published by GarageGames and published by LargeAnimal. The game offers a cross between miniature golf and bowling, in which you have to strike ten pins using a ball, but in an open-ended area rather…

10. AMF Bowling 2004

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AMF Bowling 2004 is a Single-player Bowling Simulation developed by Mud Duck Productions and published by Crave Entertainment. The game features different real-life players and up to seven licensed alleys. It uses the three clicks method, in which you can mark down, spin and power. To jump into the match,…

13. Polar Bowler

iOS Win DS Amazon
Polar Bowler is an addictive Bowling, Sports, Single and Multiplayer Simulation for Windows, iOS and Nintendo Ds developed by WildTangent. The game takes place in the three-dimensional environment and casts the player in the role of the polar bear. There are a variety of levels, and each level offers fantastic…

15. Black Market Bowling

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Black Market Bowling mixes the true bowling gameplay with exciting characters rolling their balls in different stunning locations. The game takes you away from traditional bowling gameplay and enables you to play a sports game in a unique venue, while still providing the hardcore fan a realistic ten-pin bowling experience.…

17. Bowling

Bowling is a 1979 Sports, Single and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Atari. It offers turn-based gameplay and has up to six variation, consisting of ten frames. During the player’s turn, he has two chances to roll a ball to knock out as many blowing pins as possible.…

20. Kinect Sports

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Kinect Sports is a Sports, Single and Multiplayer video game produced by Rare and published by Microsoft Game Studios. The game is a bundle of six sports simulations such as Ten-Pin Bowling, Track and Field, Boxing, Beach Volleyball, Table Tennis and association football. There are various playable characters available, and…

22. PBA Bowling Challenge

Android iOS Amazon
PBA Bowling Challenge is a Sports, Single-player and Multiplayer Bowling Simulation developed and published by Concrete Software, Inc. for Android and iOS. The game takes place in the 3D setting and lets the player experience the gameplay from a first-person perspective. In the game, the player must raise through the…

23. Hit and Knock down

Android iOS Amazon
Hit and Knock down is an Arcade, Sports, and Single-player video game, bringing awesome gameplay that you have never experienced before. The game takes place in a 3D environment and features several playable levels, some of them are tough master, but you can complete starting levels easily. In the game,…

24. Zap Blocks

Android Amazon
Zap Blocks is an Arcade, Puzzle, and Single-player video game created and published by Wonga Studio for Android. It offers addictive and pure fun gameplay with excellent graphics and new effects. Players can test their gaming skills in the game and can throw himself amidst thrilling adventure. The primary mission…

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