34 Games Like What’s My IQ?

What’s My IQ? is a Puzzle, Q&A, and Single-player video game by KlikApp for Android and iOS. The game offers exciting gameplay, in which the player can test his IQ level to show off his buddies. The game starts with the test where the player can find out what is his level of intelligence. Each test in the game contain thirty-nine questions, and the player has up to forty-minute to complete the test. The level difficulty increases as the player advance through the game. In the game, the player can choose the simplest answer if found two logical answers to one question. The player isn’t rewarded for completing before the time is up, so the player must take his time to complete the test. The wrong answer in the game doesn’t influence his result, so the player must guess the answer rather than omit the questions.

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3. You Stupid

Android iOS Amazon
You Stupid is a cool trivia video game  that lets you prove about you Stupid or Smart. All you got to do is to answer a number of math questions ad stun your friends with your knowledge and wisdom. You Stupid lets you enjoy an amazingly addictive game-play in an…

4. Trivia Crack

Android iOS Amazon
Are you an Android or iPhone geek? Are you a fan of Trivia games? Well if you are, then most of you must have played Trivia Crack. Trivia Crack is a super cool Question and Answer Trivia video game that allows the players around the globe, compete against each other…

6. QuizUp

Android iOS Phone Win Amazon
QuizUp is an award winning Multiplayer Trivia video game by Plain Vanilla Games. The game offers a wonderful Online Multiple Choice Question and Answer based game-play in which you can challenge and play games with any of the online players, win games and enjoy the ultimate fun. With over 600,000…

9. Quizoid (Trivia Quiz)

Android iOS Amazon
Quizoid (Trivia Quiz) is a cool Trivia game with an Trivia Crack inspired gameplay and mechanics. The game takes you to an amazing journey of Multiple Choice Question and Answer gaming. With over 5000 questions, 17 different fields of knowledge, 3 lifelines, offline play support, a lot of upgrades, a…

10. Mega Trivia

Android iOS Amazon
Mega Trivia, another best Trivia game that offers a similar gameplay to the popular Trivia Crack and it lets you outsmart you friends and other online players by playing with tons of questions from T.V, Music, Movies, Sports, Science, Geography etc. a number of other categories. Mega Trivia provides with…

11. Logo Quiz

Android iOS Amazon
Logo Quiz is a cool Trivia game that lets you guess the Logos from different companies around the world. Instead of question and answer sessions, you can simply play by guessing the logos and challenging your friends in an online game. Logo Quiz randomly selects the players from around the…

12. Guess the Restaurant Quiz

Android iOS Amazon
Guess the Restaurant Quiz is one of the best puzzle and Trivia video game. Instead of simple question and answer game-play, Guess the Restaurant Quiz lets you ask or guess the restaurants. The game provides you with a chance to test your knowledge about the restaurants and things related to…

13. Guess the Movie

Android iOS Amazon
Guess the Movie is an amazingly challenging and quite addictive Guessing/Trivia game that lets you guess the movies by simply seeing the image or poster of a movie or a star. If you want to test your knowledge about movies, you should totally check this game out. With over 250…

15. DK Quiz

Android iOS Amazon
If you love playing quiz games, DK Quiz is just made for you. This cool game provides with thousands of questions to ask from different categories like Music, movies, Science, Education, Food, Travel, Sports, Animals etc. DK Quiz provides with Single and multiplayer gaming modes in which you can either…

18. Genius Quiz

Android iOS Amazon
Genius Quiz is a great Trivia game that offers loads of challenging Trivia-based levels and is about pure entertainment. The game provides you with 100 different and challenging questions, 3 lives to play, cool sound track and back ground music and leader board to show off your high scores. In…

19. 94 Seconds

Android iOS Amazon
94 Seconds is an immensely challenging and competitive Trivia video game that lets you ask or answer a lot of questions from a lot of different categories. Game-play is basically word-based that makes you guess the answers and stun your friends by outsmarting them with huge amounts of knowledge you…

22. Mini Golf MatchUp

Android iOS Amazon
Mini Golf MatchUp is a fun puzzle-based matchUp and Trivia type video game that offers hours of pure entertainment and fun. Mini Golf MatchUp lets you play mini golf on your iOS or Android devices and build challenges for your online friends and family. Create and dodge wonderful obstacles and…

31. One touch Drawing

Android iOS Amazon
One touch Drawing is a Puzzle, Drawing and Single-player video game developed by Ecapyc Inc. It provides with an immersive gameplay, in which you must connect the dots on the screen without repeating the line to draw a picture. The color of the line become bold when you have drawn…

32. Buzz! The Music Quiz

PS2 Amazon
Buzz! The Music Quiz is the combination of Music and Party elements, developed by Relentless Software and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The game has both Single-player and Multiplayer modes and it is the first title in the series of Buzz! video game available to play on PlayStation. It offers…

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