Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat Alternatives on Steam


Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat

Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat is a Single-player Real-time Tactics video game developed and published by Mindscape for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation. The game takes place in the fantasy-themed world where it lets the player show off his both strategic and tactical skills while playing the game to complete a set of tasks… read more

6 Games Like Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat on Steam


1. Wasteland 2

Wasteland 2 is Tactical Action, RPG and Post-Apocalyptic video game set in an alternate history. Wasteland 2 is the first ever Sequel to the 1988’s popular Wasteland video game and it offers more enhanced game mechanics, graphics and core gameplay etc. The game is based on a Nuclear War that started when a cluster of Meteors hit various Nuclear sites. A huge Nuclear war started out that almost totally devastated the world. The day when all this happened, some of the U.S. Army Engineers were working in a desolate Desert deep into the Southwestern region, minutes after the Cataclysmic event they went into hiding in the prison they were setting up for the Death Row prisoners. The Soldiers sought shelter in the prison and when the time was right, they got back up to the surface and started searching for the Survivors, who ever was found, teamed up with them and all of the survivors formed the Desert Rangers, years after the Nuclear Holocaust. Wasteland 2 starts off 15 years after the events of Wasteland and connects the story to its predecessor in a way that it literally feels like the same. Wasteland 2 is a kind of strategic game that allows you to play as anyone of the available characters, Control a total number of seven characters (Three main and 4 NPCs), Explore the game world, face some of the worst ever mutants and nightmarish creatures, fight them off with all the available weapons such as guns, melee weapons and stuff, earn experience points, develop new skills, get health updates, and complete a number of quests, etc. With all the amazingly bashing Combats, hardcore Action and Thrill, Wasteland 2 offers a fantastic Story-driven gameplay, unique characters and fabulous visuals to enjoy. If you haven’t yet played this game, try it out and enjoy all the Post-Apocalyptic fun.


2. Shadowrun: Dragonfall

Shadowrun: Dragonfall is a super engaging Action-Adventure, Cyberpunk-RPG and Hack and Slash video game by Harebrained Schemes. This epic game provides with an amazing strategy based game-play that lets you experience a wonderful mix up of all the above mentioned elements. The game is about the return of the dark magic that unleashed powerful mythical creatures and among them was the one mighty Dragon named as Feuerschwinge who emerged from the mountains of Germany and brought heavy destruction and chaos with it. German Forces kept on fighting off the Feuerschwinge and after four months of heavy fights and destruction they finally shot it down and that was called The Dragonfall. Years later in 2054, Germany becomes the hub of tech and the population is now doubled as the Elves and Trolls have joined the populace, giant corporations have corrupted the Govts. and now Germany is in the control of Flux State after the heavy anarchy and chaos. With a lot of new threats and you as a Shadow Runner, the Flux State hires you to go against the re-surfacing Feuerschwinge, eliminate it and restore the order. Would you accept the challenge? Shadowrun: Dragonfall offers brilliant realistic visauls and sounds, a well-written story and an immersive game-play tho enjoy.


3. Total War: Attila

Total War: Attila is a Turn-Based Strategy and Real-Time MMO and Strategy video game developed by The Creative Assembly. The game is set in 395 A.D. when the Late Antiquity was transitioning into early Dark Ages. Total War: Attila allows you to be the leader of the Huns in an era of Famines, Diseases, War and Apocalyptic Turmoil. In the times of chaos, when everybody is trying to fill up their pockets with whatever fits their palm, Total War: Attila lets you have the support of a mighty army of Million horsemen and conquer the City of Rome. The game allows you to show your might by going to war against all the Oppressing Powers, Crushing their rebellions and proving yourself as the most Barbarian and fearsome king who knows how to rule. With one of the best Legendary Start Positions, Overhauled Game Mechanics, Incredible Details of the Game World, Outstanding Graphics and Visual Effects, lot of amazing Objectives and Multiple Game Endings based on the actions of the Player Total War: Attila is one of the best Strategy and Real time Tactics video game to play and enjoy.


4. Empire: Total War

Empire: Total War is a Turn Based Strategy, Real Time Tactics and MMO video game created by The Creative Assembly and Feral Interactive. The game is set in the Early Modern Period of 18th Century and allows you to choose a faction for yourself and dominate over the known world by the use of massive armies, diplomacy and economics. The turn based element of the game allows you to engage yourself in wars against the enemies in real-time. You can select any campaign and wage wars against your enemies through land and sea and use differently trained troop units. Empire: Total War lets you see and take part in some of the biggest wars of the history like American War of Independence, Battle of Fontenoy, Battle of Rossbach, Battle of Brandywine etc. Every campaign of the game allows you to build and manage your own settlement in which you can erect different structures, gather resources and train your troops etc. Multiplayer mode of the game allows you to make alliances with other online players and fight with your enemies with doubled strength and resources, defeat them and conquer their territories. Empire: Total War is a great Tactical MMO-RTS game to play and enjoy.


5. Total War: Shogun 2

Total War: Shogun 2 is a Real-Time Strategy and Tactical War-based MMO Video game by popular The Creative Assembly. The game is set in the 16th century in Japan and focuses on its Feudal system that came into existence after the Onin War during the era of Ashikaga Shogunate. The whole country got divided into various clans such as Chosokabe, Date, Hojo, Mori, Oda, Shimazu, Takeda, Tokugawa, Uesugi, Hattori, Iko-Iko and Otomo etc. led by fierce Warlords. The warlords started wars against each other to took the control into their hands and started governing over several parts of the country. You can select any clan that best suits you and start managing it by dominating over the other clans. To dominate you must start a mission campaign, Produce massive armies such as Ninjas, Geishas etc. grow your Economy by engaging in deep businesses and trade bounds, start researching and building new technologies in order to advance through the game. You must also strengthen up your economic and political sides too by the use of special agents. You can dominate over your enemies with the help of Turn by Turn game-play and better strategies. On the capture of any Kyoto or territory you must also dominate over your enemies by fighting against them in Realm Divide mode. You must eliminate head of clan who is fighting against you in Realm Divide to conquer and seize the resources. Every clan defeat in Realm Divide allows you to rule over that clan, their armies, resources and their territory as well and that means more power and fame amongst all other clans. Multiplayer gaming mode lets you make alliances with other online players to fight against any clan, win the battles and divide the resources and territory. Total War: Shogun 2 is a great RTS and tactical War Based MMO Video game to play and enjoy.


6. Braveland

Braveland is a wonderful Turn-based Strategy video game with amazing Indie aesthetics. This brilliant Old School takes you to an amazing Hexagonal grid-based setting and allows you to Explore, Craft, engage yourself into addictive and quite epic Turn-based Combats and be part of the legions of finest warriors of the time. Complete the ultimate goal of the game, that is to defeat the invading enemies and eventually save your world and people and become a skilled Commander of your army. The game allows you explore a massive game map, travel to any location easily, encounter your enemies randomly, collect a number of rare and quite valuable artifacts, use a number of fantastic combat skills and tricks, use upgrade to enhance your character’s talents and enjoy immersing yourself into an epic gameplay experience ever. With a fantastic game-play, great story and brilliant visuals, Braveland is a fun game to play and enjoy.

More About Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat

Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat is a Single-player Real-time Tactics video game developed and published by Mindscape for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation. The game takes place in the fantasy-themed world where it lets the player show off his both strategic and tactical skills while playing the game to complete a set of tasks. The storyline of the game is set within the beautiful Warhammer Fantasy land setting, and it revolves around the player who is managing a group of legendary mercenaries, who will take on work for different clients but become heavily involved in fending off a story by the Skaven. The main focus of the game is on fights that introduce a mix of medieval warfare and fantasy components, using a set of units. The game centers on a single-player campaign in which the player controls a mercenary to manage a team of soldiers, control units, and more. In the game, the player has the freedom to determine what way he would like to choose and the story takes, as well as taking over side missions for extra in-game currency and gold crowns.