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27 Games Like War for the Overworld

War for the Overworld is a great Real-Time Strategy, management and a Fantasy-based video game by Subterranean Games. The game lets you be an Underlord who lives Underground and is destined to build Dungeons with traps and an underground lair for defense purposes. The only task of the game is to save the underground world from the Overlord heroes with the help of a huge army of Minions. Your best strategies and management skills are the things that can guarantee your safety along with the minions. You must train the Minions to mine and collect different materials as the resourced build defenses and protect your keep against the wrath of the Overlord Heroes. War for the Overworld is a great RTS, Management and Fantasy video game to play and enjoy.

1. Evil Genius

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Evil Genius is a brilliant MMO and RTS, City-Building and Management Simulation that literally allows you to rule the world by becoming an evil villain. The game offers unique cartoonish visuals and characters and allows you to build a secret base, complete hardest ever missions, fight off the forces of…

4. Undermaster

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Undermaster is a cool inclusion to this mega Genre. Being a great MMORPG and Strategy video game, Undermaster offers great action and adventure filled game-play in which you can get into the most epic and quite immersive battles against the enemies and enjoy being part of an ancient world. As…

14. Stonehearth

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Stonehearth is another wonderful Sandbox style, Construction, Management and MMO-RTS video game that offers an addictive and quite immersive game-play. The game makes you an in charge of a small dwarf settlement and allows you to start up as a camp and with the time, grow up to a whole…

16. Imagine Earth

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Imagine Earth is a great City Building, Management, MMO and Real-Time Strategy video game that takes you to an amazingly Interactive and Futuristic game world and allows you to be a manager of a Colony, Explore habitable near and distant stars and planets, built settlements on them, start trading and…

23. Godus Wars

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Godus Wars is a Strategy, Single-player and Multiplayer Simulation developed and published by 22Cans for Microsoft Windows. The game welcomes the player to the beautiful world where he has an opportunity to experience the beautiful mixture of Real-time Strategy and tactical gameplay aspects. There are four different characters available, and…

24. Crest

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Crest is a Sandbox, Resource Management, Base Building, and Single-player Survival video game takes place in the randomly generated world developed and published by Eat Create Sleep for Multiple Platforms. The game welcome players to Crest, a unique type of god simulation, where their words have value. In the game,…

25. Evolo.Evolution

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Evolo.Evolution is a Real-time Strategy, Character Customization, and Single-player video game developed by OurLastSpring and published by Metal Fox. The game offers stunning gameplay revolves around strategy elements in real-time with the mix of the sandbox. In the game, the player must go through challenging stages of evolution, from rabbit…

26. Super Island God VR

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Super Island God VR offers a brilliant mixture of Strategy, Virtual Reality, and Simulation gameplay elements developed and published by Empyrean Interactive for Microsoft Windows. The game allows the player to get into Super Island and step into the shoes of a deity of a lost island. In the game,…

27. Deisim

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Deisim is a Real-time Strategy, and Single-player Simulation developed and published by Myron Software for Microsoft Windows. The game is specially designed to provide players with an experience of being a powerful king possesses of unique powers. During the gameplay, they can create the beautiful world in their style by…

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